Standing Together at NARS 2014

NARS_MCHL_DThe 6th Annual North American Repossessors Summit showed much success this year with empowering speakers and dynamic discussions revolving around the importance of standing together to revive industry standards. With more than 400 attendees, American Recovery Association (ARA) and Time Finance Adjusters (TFA) joined forces to host the greatest NARS the industry has seen thus far.

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The Recovery Industry’s Largest and “Only True Trade Association” Announces Cost Effective Compliance Monitoring Solution



Press Release

Bartlett, IL – March 18th, 2013 – The recovery industry’s largest and “only true trade association”, Allied Finance Adjusters, has partnered with Vendor Compliance Plus, an independent compliance monitoring company to help lenders view the compliancy of Allied members participating in the program. The new software was created to keep up with the new regulations that have been set forth by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

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CORP Article Clarification

risc_logoPress Release

This article is in no way intended to create discourse or disharmony.  Rather, a desire merely to respectfully clarify to your many readers and to our more than 5,000 CARS graduates the term “CARS” as used in the recent announcement of the formation of the Council of Repossession Professionals (CORP).  The CORP article actually intended the term “CARS” to mean “Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems” but, in using the term “CARS” in the context of the CORP article it has been confusing to many graduates of the Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS) National Certification Program.

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The Three Types of Clients

meGuest Editorial

Commonly accepted business logic tells us that the more clients you have, the more profitable your company becomes, right?  Well the surprising answer to that question is “NO.”  I look at every client as a relationship, and just as with any relationship in our personal lives, the complexity, the frustration, and the time-consuming nature of a relationship can produce lifelong rewarding experiences or, sadly, bitterness and loss.

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American Recovery Association Partners With Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Allowing Members to Purchase Tires and Receive Services at a Discounted Rate


Partnership will save members thousands of dollars on tires and auto services each year

 Press Release

IRVING, Texas – Mar. 12, 2014 – The American Recovery Association (ARA), the world’s largest recovery and remarketing association, today announced its partnership with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. This new partnership will offer exciting new benefits to all ARA members.

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The Council of Repossession Professionals – Established 2013

CORP_logoPress Release

March 10, 2014 – Repossessors across America have communicated that they desire industry leaders to stand together and speak as one voice on issues that have a negative impact on our industry.

The solution is at hand in the form of the recently founded Council of Repossession Professionals (hereinafter referred to as the CORP).

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TX Man Gets Probation for Shooting Two during Repo

d_cook_jrAnderson County, TX – March 3, 2014 –  16 year veteran of the repossession industry, Wesley Crawford along with his passenger Jennifer Miller, were shot at near point blank in the shoulder, head and hip during a repossession on October 16, 2012 by 64-year-old, Doyle Henry Cook, Jr. In a court decision, their shooter was sentenced to a mere 10 years deferred adjudication probation. A ruling reminiscent of the Tommy Dean Morris murder of 1994.

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Primeritus Hires Chris Kato as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer



Nashville, TN – February 27, 2014 – Primeritus Financial Services, Inc., a leader in recovery management, skip tracing and remarketing services, today announced the addition of Chris Kato to the Primeritus management team as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. Chris comes with an extensive background in corporate law spanning a wide variety of practice areas.

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