Recovery Agents Benefit Fund Raffle for Slide in Wheel Lift by Dynamic

rabf2Your donations to the Recovery Agents Benefit Fund allows us to have funds available to assist our brothers and sisters in the repossession industry during what could be the one of the most difficult times they have had to face. Your support shows them they don’t have to go through it alone.

The Recovery Agents Benefit Fund will be drawing a winning ticket for the Slide-In Wheel Lift Unit donated by Anthony Gentile and Dynamic Manufacturing at the 2015 CALR convention this October.

Winner does not need to be present to win and we still have tickets to sell! We started off the year with 3000 raffle tickets to sale and to date we’ve sold 910. That means there’s still 2090 chances to win!

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The Value of Continuing Education Measure Success by the Application of Ideas


Wyoming, MN – August 24, 2015 – One way to measure the success of training and educating employees is to determine the application and effectiveness of their new skills once they return to the workplace. Another is in the loyalty to a particular brand or style of training; one that resonates with staff and gives them confidence that the skills they learned will work once they return from training. Consequently, credit unions of all sizes search for classes and seminars that will take their staff to the next level. And, in tricky areas such as collection compliance, finding the right source for excellent training content can be like rolling the dice. Yes, the agenda looks good, but will it actually result in ideas that make a difference to my members, and to the bottom line?

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MVTRAC Endorses Recovery Standard Company



Crown Point, Indiana – August 20th , 2015 – MVCONNECT, LLC ( and its divisions MVTRAC and MVRecovery have all chosen to endorse the Recovery Standard repossession company compliance program and online course for their repossession vendors. MVTRAC recommends Recovery Standard for annual training, testing and site inspections to all of their contractors. MVTRAC is dedicated to ensure compliance training and inspections for its contractors now and in the future. To further show its commitment to compliance, MVTRAC is also having its compliance people take the online compliance course.

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Oregon Joins List of States Suing Illegal Title Loan Company Allegedly on RDN

legal_scalesSalem, OR – August 20, 2015 – The State of Oregon has joined Pennsylvania in suing an unlicensed title loan company going by the names Auto Loans LCC, Liquidation LLC, Loan Solutions LLC, Management Solutions LLC or Car Loan LLC and is also connected to a host of other individual names including William McKibbin III, Kevin Cronin, Mark Edward Wiener, and Kelly S. Bonner.

This company is allegedly a “Global Client” in the RDN network. Claims of bounced checks coming from Nevada mail box drops as well as earlier warnings from RSIG predate this suit.

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