Chicago Repo Man Posts his own Illegal Activity on “YouTube”

Chicago, IL – May 31, 2012 – Perhaps there is a good reason for this Repo Man to blow through stops signs and speed through a residential neighborhood in pursuit of a minivan, but I don’t see it.

The YouTube user known only as “hesecondfez”, claims that the chase started on the 7500 block of South Stony Island where he spotted a Chevy Venture wanted for repossession.

Instead of following at a distance or waiting for the driver to park the minivan, the Repo Man chose to chase the driver through the narrow residential streets and alleys.

The chase came to an unfruitful end when the debtor managed to elude his pursuer by parking  the Chevy in a locked garage with the help of neighbors.

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1 thought on “Chicago Repo Man Posts his own Illegal Activity on “YouTube”

  1. The reason the CFPB needed to be started, not happy about needing to jump through more expensive hoops but on the bright side maybe idiots like this will be forced out of business and stop ruining our reputation.

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