Forwarder Threatens Agencies with Punishment over Reporting Breaches


In a memo distributed on October 20th, Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems has announced their need to enforce punitive actions against agents for failure to report repossessions within the established service level agreement (SLA) timeframes. These punishments include, compliance holds, suspensions and repossession fee forfeitures.

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1 thought on “Forwarder Threatens Agencies with Punishment over Reporting Breaches

  1. The following note is from Linda Manasa of LRM Recovery who had trouble posting this.

    I worked for CARS as a skiptrace company when they took Honda’s work as Honda was a long standing client of mine.  CARS repeatedly took money from my earnings by billing Honda more and paying me less.  Of course this didn’t sit well with me and I even flew to NC to sit and discuss our business relationship with Diane Olson, Kelly and Joe.  The practice continued and I went directly to Honda as I had been an agent of theirs for 15 years.  This caused problems and CARS just waited for a reason to get rid of me.  One day I called a Honda branch for the SS of a skip, something I had done for 15 years and the collector gave it to me.  Next day I called the same branch and the collector said she was not allowed to give it me, I asked for a supervisor and explained I had just gotten a SS the prior day.  Next thing I know I get an email from Joe Sebonowich telling me all my assignments will be reassigned as I “harassed” a collector. My response to Joe “All I can say is WOW.  I have always gotten any info I requested from the collectors until today, when XXXX said the policy started with the CARS relationship, I told her I got a SS yesterday from XX office.  The SS used to be on the repo order in the CARS portal so to say it has been from the beginning cannot be correct. Consistency would help”.  I asked Joe for a copy of the email CARS sent out to the agents stating SS numbers would no longer be available to the skipracers and of course he couldn’t provide it and I assume it’s because it didn’t exist.  Mind you I worked for Honda for 15 years without an issue, was even Agent of the Quarter once.  Then I find out he sent out a BLAST email to Honda direct, not sure what it said exactly, but I’m sure it wasn’t accurate nor positive.  Of course he didn’t send me a copy of it.  The lesson to one might get from my experience is that CARS will try to line their pockets with the agent’s money, one way or another and they don’t consider the agent to be a part of the “team”.

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