GA Repo Man Taken for a Wild Joy Ride

Cobb County, GA – March 26, 2012 – Kids, don’t try this at home! When the irate borrower of truck being repossessed tried to run over the Repo Man, he did the logical thing. He hopped into the bed so he could be taken for a wild joyride at the hands of the frantic woman.

According to police records, shortly before 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday, 38 year old Monica Ann Brown got into her 2001 red Dodge Ram, put it in reverse and attempted to run over the Repo Man attempting to repossess it.

Fearing he was going to be run over, the man stated to police that he then jumped into the bed of the pickup for cover because he feared the woman was going run him over. After jumping into the bed of the truck, the woman took off at a high rate of speed.

Police dispatcher reportedly could hear the truck’s engine racing and tires squealing during the Repo Man’s call to 911. According to the report, at one point, Brown allegedly stopped the truck, yelled at the man and then blocked him from getting out of the truck, then took off again, knowing the man was still in the back of the truck.

Brown confessed to police that she had been driving 45 mph on a road where the speed limit is 35 mph. She was arrested at her home by Cobb County police about 20 minutes after the incident began.

Brown was being held Monday in the Cobb County Jail on aggravated assault, kidnapping and reckless conduct charges, according to booking records and was being held on $50,000 bond.

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