6th Annual “Gathering of the Eagles” Conference



The members of EAGLE GROUP XX held their sixth annual “Gathering of the Eagles” Conference at the DFW Hyatt Regency on October 1, 2016. There were numerous industry related issues from hi-tech data providers to the current state of the insurance issues in the recovery industry and subject matter experts like Mike Peplinski of Harding Brooks Insurance and John Hambrick of Microbilt contributed to the content as guest presenters.

Of interest to all members of the asset recovery industry was the groups decision to share their much praised “SITUATIONAL AWARENESS & CONFRONTATIONAL AVOIDANCE TECHNIQUES” (SACAT) with any agency wishing to train their field and office staff in this crucial area of the repossession process at NO CHARGE to the agency.

Recognized “Expert Witness” and the facilitator of EAGLE GROUP XX, Ron Brown, stated that the first thing attorneys desire to know in all cases where he has been retained to write opinions and provide testimony at depositions has been, “WHAT TRAINING DID THE REPOSSESSION AGENCY PROVIDE THEIR AGENTS?”.

Brown stated that the training programs in the past have been cost prohibitive for many agencies to train all of their employees. Brown stated he had found in many cases the owners and managers received training but it never trickled down to the agent in the field, the person who actually had the greatest degree of exposure and possibility of compliance violations.

Tim Koskovics, EAGLE GROUP XX member from Ohio, stated that the SACAT Training Program was developed to compliment the group’s compliance training, Field Agent Compliance Training (FACT) and Support Employee Compliance Training (SECT) by taking the awareness and reaction training to a higher level in order to provide a safer environment for the recovery agent, the consumer and all third parties.

The entire membership of EAGLE GROUP XX provided input in developing the program and Brown, an approved Instructor for the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET), based the program on similar programs developed and taught in the Law Enforcement Communities.

The program, consisting of a training manual, power point presentation and 50 question test, provides the participant with information related to recognizing the various levels of anger in people, de-escalation of confrontations, avoiding breach of peace situations and various ways to properly and safely respond in order to better prevent violence and the breach of peace scenarios. The program instructs on the understanding and use of the OODA Loop Mental Process (Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act) as well as the crucial SEE (Search, Evaluate, Execute), both of which aids the recovery agent in the attempt to insure compliance and proper reactions in volatile and dangerous situations as well as giving an understandable explanation of the “Escalation of Force Ladder”.

Millard Land, EAGLE GROUP XX member from Houston Texas and another recognized “Expert Witness” in the asset recovery industry emphasized that with the fact that the program is provided at no expense to participating agencies there should never again be the excuse that the recovery agency could not afford to train their employees.

Brown went on to say that as in the past all an agency had to do was request the material and it would be sent to them at no charge. If the agency requests their employee be credentialed (test graded, credentialing certificate issued and quarterly continuing education provided as required by many clients) the annual cost for that service is $49.00.

The 20 members of EAGLE GROUP XX continue to provide the asset recovery industry with affordable premier education programs as well as promoting good business by setting the bar on service, compliance and professionalism.

Any agency may obtain any of the EAGLE GROUP XX training programs by emailing their request to Ron Brown at Rbrown@CSI-ARM.com please specify the program you desire.



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