Are The Repossession Associations Dying?


Guest Editorial

We have heard from some that, with the rise of repossessors working direct for large forwarders or major lenders, that the role of repossession trade associations are on the wane.

This is absolutely not the case.

Lisa Ptak, a Public Relations and Social Media Consultant wrote a compelling article this past October why people participating in an industry SHOULD join an industry association. It’s great to see someone outside our industry make a case for association involvement.

Here are her main points, with our comments in italics:

10 Reasons to Join an Association

Visibility. There’s no better way to get noticed professionally than by participating in an industry association. Volunteer your time to the association’s committees, attend as many events as possible and engage with others via the association’s online community. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can raise your profile simply by getting involved.

This is true. The ones that have been committed to helping TFA have been the biggest beneficiaries. They are seen as industry leaders, and recognized as such at national events, and in the eyes of the lenders. 

A United Voice. There’s a lot of truth behind the saying “Strength comes in numbers”. If you want to create change within your industry, you’re far more likely to succeed if you have a group of passionate peers alongside you. Join an association with a mission and values that are similar to yours and you’re sure to find others who will stand up to the issues that are important to you.

TFA has fought independently in the past for the good of its members with the strongest anti-contingent, pro-equitable-pay online arguments made by any association. And now, as part of CORP, has and is pushing against unfair contracts being forced upon out industry. Your participation in TFA supports these larger efforts. 

Networking Opportunities. What would you give to be part of a community made up of the leaders within your industry? Whether you’re face-to-face at an association’s conference or on a committee call, you’ll have numerous opportunities to create meaningful connections with individuals who could be your next customer or colleague.

Millard Land has forever pointed out that there is huge potential growth through interactions with other TFA members in inter-agency forwarding. And associations are the best platform for inter-agency networking, to discuss strategies, problems, and solutions that your fellow repossessor is dealing with or discovering. 

Professional Development. Associations provide a wealth of knowledge and educational opportunities to help your business and career flourish. Between all the conferences, events, webinars and certification programs offered, your opportunities for continuous learning are endless.

TFA hosts the most informative, politics-free convention every year, arming their members to “help their business and career flourish”. Another case in point is TFA is involvement in a webinar this week, about business and personal development. 

Credibility. An association is often the face and voice of an industry. Because of that, all of its members are viewed as credible organizations that are important to the industry as a whole.

Those of you being vetting by large lenders know that they still want their agents to be part of a national repossession organization of some sort. And being a TFA member will certainly be a door-opener when you want to visit a local client. 

Access to One-of-a-Kind Insights. When you’re part of an association, you’re part of an exclusive group that has access to valuable industry information efficiently and affordably. You’ll find yourself turning to your association’s e-newsletter, white papers, social networks and events to help you develop actionable ideas and profitable strategies.

TFA provides consistent “E-Zines” of industry news and industry-insider insights, for its member’s knowledge base. You’re not going to get that in a one-a-year industry event like NARS, or sitting at the vendor meetings by the big lenders.

A Way to Give Back. Industry associations do more than help their members. Typically they spearhead initiatives that support the future of the industry as well. Find out what an organization does to give back and ask how you can get involved.

TFA, along with the other trade groups, is proud to belong to the RABF, and has helped out dozens of repossessors or their families in times of crises. The RABF has given out hundreds of thousands of dollars to those in need. Certainly TFA is only one of many of the trade groups that participate, but furthers the importance of involvement with a trade association.

Lisa Ptak closes with these remarks that are spot-on:

These are just a few of the incentives for joining an industry association. But remember – your experience is what you make of it. Joining is the first step toward fulfilling your professional goals. The association will hand you the tools for success, but it’s up to you to put them to use.



TFA continues to look for the best operators across the country, and continue our reputation as fielding the “dream team” of repossessors….not the most, but certainly the best. And there’s a number of reasons above why the best repossessors in the country still need to be part of a trade association.


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