Three Arrested After Pulling Gun on Repo Man



Hanford, CA – April 201, 2016 – Kings County deputies were called to a home Tuesday afternoon after a man said a gun was pointed at him while he was trying to repossess a car.

The man said he was hooking up a car with his tow truck when two men came out of the house and one was carrying what looked like a rifle.

The victim reported one man later identified as Frank Sotello, yelled at him that his friend with the gun was going to kill him if he tried to take the car.

The tow truck driver ran away and called 911.

When deputies got to the home, they say the men ran inside.

Deputies called for the men to surrender, and one man did after about five minutes.

Michael Sotello was taken into custody and told deputies there was nobody else in the house.

A search warrant was issued and Kings County SWAT surrounded the house.

When Frank Sotello would not come out, SWAT used tear gas, forcing him to come out.

After a short struggle with deputies, he too was taken into custody.

Deputies searched the home and only found two pellet rifles but no other weapons.

Another man named Anthony Aguayo showed up at the home while deputies were still there and he was arrested for being under the influence of methamphetamine.

Michael Sotello was also arrested for being under the influence of methamphetamine.

All three were booked into the Kings County Jail.

Because of the report of a gun, both Sierra Pacific High School and COS college officials were notified.

As a precaution, Hanford Police and COS Police evacuated their staff and students from of the area.

Source: FOX26 KMPH News

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