Convicted Repo Man Murderer Requesting a Pardon

December 29, 2010 – Denver, CO – Convicted of first degree murder of a 24 year old repo man in 1990 and sentenced to life without parole, Robert Willner is now requesting a pardon from outgoing Colorado Governor Bill Ritter. This request is most possible as Gov. Ritter has recently pardoned 20 others and has at times shown a tendency to promote a liberal progressive agenda. His request is sparking outrage from many who are calling for the Governor to decline the request. Your involvement is needed immediately!

Gov.Ritter is expected to make his decision in the next couple of days. Veteran repo man, Bill Bowser, sat through every day of the 1990 trial in Jefferson County District Court. Murdered repo man and father of two, Steven Morgan was 24 on the day he was murdered December 10th, 1990 at 2:40 am. 

Morgan had only recently been hired by Dave Wright’s ARA member company “Credit Casualty Recovery Inc.” and hadg only been in the repossession business three weeks and still in training, when he went to Robert Willner’s Jefferson County home to repossess Willner’s pickup truck, a violent and gun toting Willner (then 39 years old) ran out of the house wearing only his green underwear after hearing the Chevrolet camper truck motor start and fired four shots at close range through the windshield as Morgan backed the truck out the driveway. Morgan was struck in the the shoulder and fatally above the eye. The truck rolled backward out of control into a neighbors yard as Morgan’s trainer helplessly watched. “The guy never gave that kid a chance,” Bowser said. Willner had made the defense that he thought Morgan was stealing the truck.

Prosecutor’s rebuffed Willners defense telling the jury that Willner had taken the transmission out of the truck and knew very well that the truck would not start.

Willner had a rap sheet going back two decades before the incident and, in the months preceding the murder, Willner had made statements that he would kill anyone to protect his property.

Bill Bowser stated that it was not the first time Willner had shot at someone. “He was just waiting to kill somebody and I believe he’s the kind of person who would do it again. Because he’s the kind of guy who says you mess with me and I’ll kill you.” Just one year before the murder, Willner was cited for shooting at three men who allegedly had stolen a Christmas Tree off of the lot he operated.

The Jury convicted Willner of first degree murder and he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. But now, he’s asking Governor Ritter to throw out his sentence and set him free.

Bill Bowser, the Jefferson County DA’s office and all repossession organizations are objecting to this ludicrous request and want the Governor to keep Willner behind bars.

Do Not Let this happen. It could happen to you! Contact the Governor’s Office and urge him not to let this killer go free!

Bill Ritter, Governor
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792

(303) 866-2471

(303) 866-2003

Email the Governor Here or enter this URL into your browser

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