Dealer Repossesses Family Van, Holding Infants Ashes for $350


Randall, MN – January 12, 2015 – A Minnesota family’s unfortunate repossession of their 2005 Town and Country minivan van is exasperated by being charged a whopping $350 for their personal property, which includes amongst other things, the ashes of their deceased infant.

Wayne and Amber Walberg had purchased their 2005 Town and Country minivan in October from a “Buy Here, Pay Here” dealer, Mathison Motors in Clearwater. At that time, both were employed and the $300 monthly payment was not an issue.

Shortly after, they both found themselves unemployed and began missing payments on their new purchase. In December, while attending a family funeral, the van was repossessed with many personal items inside including their social security cards, birth certificates and most important of all, the ashes of their infant son Zach, who died in 2013.Mathsn_Mtrs

According to the couple, the dealership is now asking for a $350 fee to get those items back.

“They told us on Wednesday that we had Thursday or Friday or we couldn’t get Zach back,” Wayne Walberg said.

By Minnesota law, the dealership is within its rights to repossess the van, but what is less certain to the couple, is the law surrounding the items inside.

According to Minnesota state law, a Lender may not take items they did not help you buy. The Walbergs said that applies to everything inside the van repossessed by the dealership.

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