Recovery Manager Pro, LLC Announces Historical Plate Information Purchasing

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Ormond Beach, FL – Recovery Manager Pro, LLC announced today the prospective release of their new and long awaited historical plate information function for their integrative cloud solution,

The newest addition to their cloud-based web portal enables users in both Recovery and Auto Finance Industries to purchase information on previously spotted vehicles of interest utilizing MVTRAC’s ALPR patent. The ability to purchase historical information provides a convenient method of obtaining valuable information regarding the location of defaulted collateral and vehicles.   Furthermore, RMP users are able to manage and audit revenues generated from the historical purchasing process.

“RMP is always growing and evolving to satisfy the needs in both the Recovery and Auto Finance Industries,” says Patrick Wren, of Recovery Manager Pro, LLC, adding, “Purchasing historical data is a concept that creates a winning outcome for everyone. From the agent’s perspective, they are saving time and money in being more efficient. Consequently, lenders win by recovering a higher volume of wanted vehicles and saving money through minimized asset depreciation.

Wren continues, “In the programming stages, we beta tested large pools of data from outside sources and found the results are far beyond what we had predicted they would be at this stage of our business plan.  The impact to the lender and recovery agent is huge! [In one case 60% of all vehicles in the pool had been previously spotted by an MVTRAC system].  Although this result may not be duplicated unilaterally, it certainly shows the growth of the system and the confidence level agents have in running them.  And now, they’ll get paid for their efforts!”

During an initial ninety-day pilot period, access to the patented historical information will be exclusively offered to full and limited users of RMP that are either a current member of the MVTRAC Intelligent Data Network™, part of the overall MVCONNECT network or registered lenders.

Wren states, “Working in tangent with MVTRAC’s Intelligent Data Network™ allows RMP users to experience the full benefits of purchasing historical data. There are two necessary ingredients that create a successful historical information system; one being the presence of large amounts of accurate data and the other being a network of quality agents. Collaborating with MVTRAC certainly ensures that both conditions are satisfied.”

According to MVTRAC Executive Vice President of Business Development, Luke Smith, “Partnering with RMP allows us an optimal avenue to stream our patented historical data in such a way that will benefit our extended network of agents and Auto Finance Clients. This is a concept that we have been refining and are confident will instantly increase ROI for all current and future members of our network.” Smith continues, “With all the promise that this initiative holds, it’s difficult not to be extremely excited!”

“The strong collaborative efforts between agents, clients, the Recovery Industry Advisory Board and MVTRAC was the driving force behind successfully developing the best possible and transparent model,” adds Maria Olson, Director of the Recovery Industry Advisory Board, continuing with, “As a result, the agents will receive an equal share of all generated revenues as a testament to the effort they put forth not only in the completion of this initiative, but also through their MVTRAC systems and investment spending in fuel, vehicles, personnel and more.  As an entrepreneur and businesswoman, knowing that I have a say in what happens and the ability to audit instantly allows continued confidence that the model is working the way it was intended. This is a huge victory for our board and agents nationwide.”

The entire system will be credit-based requiring eligible participants to purchase credits through RMP in order to partake in the information sharing system. Users are able to earn or purchase credits and thereafter exchange credits for information. Buyers will have the option of purchasing either a single historical hit on a specific plate or an entire package of all historical hits on a specific plate at a slightly higher cost. Each historical hit contains information that includes GPS
coordinates, an infrared plate image, a color overview image and information regarding when the information was collected.  Upon the purchase of the entire historical hits package, the buyer will obtain all historical hits on the specific plate [going back years in some cases] in addition to all hits generated thirty days into the future.

The historical plate information function is set to launch on Monday, May 2nd and will initiate a ninety-day pilot period for analysis.  To register now, please visit

About Recovery Manager Pro, LLC — Recovery Manager Pro, LLC is a leading provider of cloud-based recovery solutions that is currently operating on its third version of the latest technology available, Recovery Manager Pro version three (RMPv3). RMP is a fully integrative database that grants users the ability to streamline all their business processes through its user friendly interface. It’s flexible functionality accounts for all recovery situations and allows users to manage anything from account information to detailed management reports. RMP is the cloud choice of MVTRAC, historical data management and MVAirTrafficControl.  RMP is continuously evolving to accommodate all Recovery and Automotive Finance Industry needs. For more information visit

About MVTRAC — MVTRAC is a leading provider of on-demand data solutions for auto finance, government and law enforcement organizations. Utilizing a national network of Automated License Plate Recognition(ALPR) technology devices, MVTRAC receives real-time data plate captures from these systems and archives the intelligence in a centralized database. Recognized as the largest license plate data capture network in the world, MVTRAC continues to grow through partnerships with government agencies and third-party camera owners at traffic lights, tollbooths, airports, major transportation hubs, security centers and retail/commercial parking lots to exponentially grow the Intelligent Data Network ™. For more information visit



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