“Repo Chick” – I Did Not Make This Up!


Just like every Christmas season, a lot of people are heading to the theaters and while there isn’t anything going on there directly related to the collections and recovery industry, there is an odd release coming out late next month.

A few month ago I wrote an editorial on Hollywood Trashing the Collections and Recovery Industry called Hollywood and Collections and missed a movie pending release. As I’d once mentioned, I love the movie “Repo Man.” It’s funny, smooth and dark enough to forgive for its inaccuracies. Unfortunately, it took 26 years for Director Alex Cox, best known for the original 1984 cult classic “The Repo Man” with Emilio Estevez and “Sid and Nancy” to dive back into the repo industry for this unrelated chicked-out and stylized film which is even more out of touch with the recovery industry than the first.

“Repo Chick” follows Pixxi De La Chasse (played by newcomer Jaclyn Jonet), as a spoiled little rich girl cut-off financially by her family because of her bad driving and inability to get a job. When Pixxi’s car gets repossessed it leads her to a new life working with repo men. While hunting for some antique railroad cars carrying a million dollar bounty, Pixxi accidentally stumbles upon a terrorist plot to destroy downtown Los Angeles by anti-golf vegans and she’s off to save the day.

Unfortunately, it appears as though large portions of this film were filmed in front of green screen and has bizarre backdrops. Odd enough, Oscar winner Phil Tippett (Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back, Cloverfield, Drag me to Hell) worked on the stop motion effects. Once again, English born Alex Cox demonstrates how little he really knows about repossessions and portrays it as a mix between bounty hunting and car thievery. With the exceptions of Rosanne Arquette and 70’s actress Karen Black, I didn’t notice any recognizable names.

Repo Chick actually premiered at the Venice Film festival in Italy in September 2009 but apparently didn’t fare well as it is only making here to the states with limited distribution in January and only in New York and LA. It is planned for release on DVD in February, 2011. I can’t say that I am eager to see it, but if I find it on late night cable someday, I may actually watch it. If anyone else has already seen this, please give us an update.


Kevin Armstrong


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