Vendor Transparency Solutions Unveils New Continuing Education Testing Portal


Leading Compliance Management System Offers Lenders and Recovery Agents Access to Important Training, Education Materials




TUCSON, AZ – August 12, 2015 – Continuing education and training is becoming a critical component of the auto lending industry. Regulators are requiring financial institutions and their service providers to conduct ongoing training for their employees to ensure knowledge of, and compliance with, important rules and regulations.

Vendor Transparency Solutions (VTS), a leading compliance management system for the auto finance and recovery industries, is proud to offer a comprehensive continuing education portal to its clients. The portal offers training materials, educational videos, and a testing module that helps ensure employees are up-to-date on privacy and Red Flag rules as well as other important areas including social media and confidentiality. The module reports test results back to account administrators, which allows for ongoing monitoring to ensure that test-takers understand the relevant materials, and provides remedial training for incorrectly answered questions.

“Continuing education is becoming an absolute requirement for companies in this industry,” said Max Pineiro, president of VTS. “Regulators want to see that financial institutions and the service providers that work with them are training and educating employees and making sure they have the necessary knowledge and information to do their jobs in the most compliant manner possible.”

All VTS subscribers have access to the portal. Administrators can manage and assign tests to all employees or they can pick and choose the most relevant tests. Subscribed lending institutions also have the ability to assign select modules to their service providers and monitor their progress, along with the ability to train and test on the modules themselves.

For further information on Vendor Transparency Solutions, please contact VTS President, Max Pineiro at 520-468-3990 ext. 102 or, or Jeff Koistinen, Director of Operations, at 520-468-3990 ext. 100 or

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