Lizard Lick Star’s Arrest for Repo Scam

Wendell, NC – April 15, 2008 – As if we all didn’t know what a load of BS TruTV’s “Lizard Lick Towing” was, it appears as though even before making “repo reality” fame, it’s star, Ron Shirley couldn’t do the job right even without the cameras on.

The above mug shot reportedly stems from a 2008 accusation and arrest of “Reverend Ron” for encouraging an employee by the name of Mark Prouse, to impersonate law enforcement while attempting to repossess vehicles.

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9 thoughts on “Lizard Lick Star’s Arrest for Repo Scam

  1. LOL 🙂
    I don’t know who is the most ignorant -the people in the show or the people watching the show. America has seen her better days.

  2. Professional companies are struggling and this “dude” is making big money using our Industry to lower the image of Professional Repossessors! We have been shot at cursed at (every day) called names that I won’t repeat!. The Industry has been invaded by anyone wanting to make a buck off of our Livlihood! Nice people are still criminals and anyone can be nice while lying, cheating and doing anything for a buck! Con artists are nice! Come on!

    We, fellow professional recovery agents, have been here (me myself over 20 years) risking our lives and taking insults from everyone from the Bankers, Leinholder, Law Enforcement, Debtors, 3rd parties (during the repo) to now “forwarding companies” and Reality shows anyone who want a buck from our hard work and sacrifices to earn a living. Repo is a legitimate way to earn a living legally and anyone who breaks the Law will have to pay that price.

  3. I have personally met Ron and can say that he is one of the nicest men I’ve EVER met. If any of the “ignorant” people leaving these comments knew anything at all they would know they got this show b/c “Wife Swap” wanted Amy to be on their show but no woman had the guts to do what Amy does, she is an MMA fighter and a licsensed mortician as well as a repo agent. It would great if the “ignorant” people leaving comments had actually watched the show before talking about what they dont know about. If they did they would know that repo agents use ANY means necessary to get their repo. Also you people need to realize that EVERYONE makes mistakes and deserves a second chance. You all shouldn’t be so quick to judge people!!!

  4. As of 2011, he was insured by Walt Cagley. Just goes to show, some insurance agents will insure any low life with money. Ron Brown is right on the money; I watched 5 minutes of Operation Repo, one time and one time only and noted breach of peace right off the bat. The saddest thing about these shows is, they are getting professional repossessors shot and killed and these scum bags who are making money – including the networks who air these shows – could not care less.

  5. People are too stupid to understand this is just an entertainment show. My experience working with these guys has been favorable and without incident or complaint. That’s more than I can say for some agents.

    The bigger, more important issue at hand here is whether you condemn someone for an accusation or not? Was he convicted of the offense? If not, I think a tempered response to this “news” is important. If all of the repossession agents I work with were cast of by virtue of the fact they were arrested subsequent to an accusation during a repo, I’d have very few agents left!

  6. Sadly…it is this type of image that the networks have given the public as to what a “REPO MAN” looks like and how we conduct ourselves on an assignment and nothing could be further from the truth. All professional recovery specialists who watch these “reality shows” see numerous “breach of the peace” actions and know that this perception of our industry is conjured up fantasy. But…perception is reality and it is this perception that has gotten many men and women injured and a few killed on both sides of the process. It is the responsibility of the professional trade associations like TFA, ARA, NFA and Allied to properly train and retrain their members in proper and compliant methods always remembering that if perception is reality we all have the ability to change reality by changing perception.

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