Mass. Repo Company Owners Meeting Agenda for July 23rd

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Bridgewater, MA – June 26, 2014 – Massachusetts Repossession Company Owners are organizing a meeting on July 23,2014 at the Hampton Inn Marlboro (located at 277 Boston Post Rd Marlboro, MA 01752 at 2pm) to discuss legislation particularly to the Massachusetts Private Property Law. Several topics will be discussed and addressed along with updated related legislation. All Repossession company owners are welcome to attend. If you have any questions please contact Keith Burger at 413-731-9663 or Manny Sousa at 508-697-9100 extension 307.

MA Finance Adjusters Agenda: Hampton Inn Marlboro MA July 23, 2014 at 2pm

  1. Guest Introductions: Brad Card – Card and AssociatesChristopher Williams – Williams and Associates
  2. George Badeen – President of Allied Finance Adjusters.
  3. Matthew Mincieli – Dutko Grayling

2) Organizations Stucture

a) Filing with State as a Not for Profit Corporation

b) Benefits of being an Allied Finance Adjusters MA Chapter as opposed to being an independent state trade association. George Badeen

3) Organizations Focus:

a) Current law and requirements. – Christopher Williams

1. Private Property Law (provide copy of statute)

2. P.I License requirements.

4) Future Legislative Changes:

b. Handling of Personal Property

1. Reasonable hold time.

2. Accession and accessories handling and responsibility.

5) The use of ALPR in MA – Brad Card and Matthew Minicelli.

6) Open Discussion


NOTE: Regulation harmful to industry in this state is in the works – your efforts are strongly suggested. If you cannot make meeting please call and offer support! 

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