MBSi Supplements Primeritus Financial Services’ Reward Program



Nashville, TN – April 2014 – Primeritus Financial Services, Inc. released details of their Primeritus Reward Program earlier this year. With the quarterly program, Primeritus will reward their top-performing agency partners in regards to their peers based on both compliance and success. Primeritus is proud to announce that MBSi has offered to supplement their program to increase the winning agencies’ rewards.

Every quarter, the Primeritus program will result in sixteen (16) agency partners winning $500 and MBSi will also contribute their own prize package to the winning agents’ top driver. The MBSi prize package includes an additional $100, merchandise, and a free one-year subscription to their mobile app, Repo Ninja.

“We’re very excited to be a part of the Primeritus Reward Program. It’s important for the agents and their drivers to be recognized for their efforts and MBSi is proud to participate with Primeritus in doing so. We’re as equally excited to provide Repo Ninja to each of the winning agents’ top drivers. Repo Ninja is a full-featured application that can help agents perform more quickly, efficiently, and accurately. The speed by which service providers can access important data helps address critical compliance issues in the repossession industry right now, for lenders and vendors alike,” says MBSi President John Rhodes.

Per Primeritus GM Justin Conners, “We are very grateful to MBSi for helping us provide our agency partners more resources to be successful. As evidenced by their participation, MBSi shares our desire to build strong partnerships with the most successful and compliant repossession agencies in our industry.”

Primeritus CEO Chuck Tapp advises, “Our goal has always been to have the best relationships possible with our agency partners and we feel our reward program shows how committed we are to those relationships. We’re extremely pleased MBSi also shares these goals with us. We also seek to continue to have our compliance efforts lead the industry. By recognizing both compliance and success in peer groups through this rewards program, we’ll be able to complement our self-funded vendor compliance audit program which was announced earlier this year.”


About MBSi:

MBSi was formed in 2003 in response to the absence of a reliable, stable and properly-engineered hosted database solution for the repossession industry. Recognizing the opportunity that void created, MBSi set out to establish a new precedent in the development and delivery of repossession management software; the result was the Re-Pros Repossession Software Suite. Today, MBSi continues to make strides in the repossession industry by providing companies with affordable integrated services for every facet of the repossession process. MBSi’s latest offering, Repo Ninja, is the repossession industry’s first full-featured mobile application that securely gives recovery companies full real-time access to all of their assignment-related activities from their smartphone or tablet.

For more information on MBSi and Repo Ninja, please visit www.reponinja.com.

About Primeritus Financial Services:

Primeritus Financial Services is a national provider of repossession management, remarketing, title services and skip tracing services to the auto finance industry in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Primeritus Financial Services provides clients with value-added, outsourced repossession management and skip tracing services, leveraging a national network of certified agents and unique investigative techniques to quickly and reliably secure customers’ collateral.  Through leadership, service and performance, Primeritus Financial Services offers the trifecta of repossession services:  locate, recover, and remarket.

For more information on Primeritus Financial Services, please visit www.primeritus.com .


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