Memphis Repo Man Shot Possibly Paralyzed

Memphis, TN – October 4, 2012 – 23 year old Scotty Arnold, a volunteer firefighter working as a driver for 901 Towing & Recovery in Memphis is possibly paralyzed after he was shot in the back by two brothers who had previous repossessions by the same company.According to company owner Larry Roland “He’s being strong,”

“He’s not walking, but he’s responsive,” said Roland. “He’s talking,” he added.

Roland was joined by other Memphis tow truck drivers from around the city wishing Arnold well. Arnold remains at The MED and is possibly paralyzed as a result of the gunshot wound.

Police report that brothers Joseph and David Proffitt fired several shots into Arnold’s tow truck with one round striking Arnold. The Proffitt bothers have ben charges with aggravated assault. The shooters were apprehended after Arnold’s colleague rammed their Cadillac with his tow truck to keep them from getting away.

Arnold’s boss, Roland, reports that he and other employees had previous run-ins with Joseph Proffitt over previous repossessions of his car.

“We actually repossessed the vehicle three times,” according to Roland. “The third time after we repossessed it he said he was going to catch us.”

Roland believes the shooting was premeditated and wants charges upgraded to attempted murder.

“We’re gonna get him in therapy,” stated Roland. “Gonna stand by him 100 percent.

The Proffitt brothers are both being held on bonds of $150,000 and are due in court Friday morning.

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9 thoughts on “Memphis Repo Man Shot Possibly Paralyzed

  1. A fund has been set up for Scotty it is
    Scotty Arnold Fund
    c/o Citizens Bank
    PO Box 667
    Byhalia, MS 38611
    Scotty has been transferred to a rehab center in Jackson,MS

  2. Again another repossession agent gets assaulted, and almost killed. I hope the producers of those “real T.V” shows sleep well at night. The level of acts of violence against repossessors has escalated since the advent of fake shows purported to be real. Yes, these shows are entertaining to some and sell commercials which make money. We know there isn’t a financial institution out there that is willing to take on the liability and would assign a job to anyone acting like T.V. agents do. Where is the disclaimer that these are staged scenarios and everyone is an actor? The public and often even Police Officers ask us is that real. We all know that generally our nights are uneventful and couldn’t keep anyone entertained very long. People are acting much more aggressively towards agents because they see the staged fights and the drama which they believe is how the job is done. In a twisted way, I guess they are just acting the part of the debtor they have watched over and over thinking this the expected behavior on both sides. Our associations need to put some pressure on T.V. executives to force them to use disclaimers. At the beginning of COPS, which everyone has seen at least once, the disclaimer is everyone arrested is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Maybe some tougher legislation for crimes against recovery agents would slow the acts of aggression. In any event, our job is difficult and dangerous. We knew that going into it. Hopefully soon we can inform the public who believe everything on T.V. is the truth. HEY John Q Public- this is far from real and that causing bodily injury or death over a car you can’t afford is unacceptable behavior.

  3. I agree with all the earlier comments but did you notice that this car had been repoed 3 times before! Knowing this, I would be EXTREMELY careful in how I went about repoing this car for the 4th time.

    901 Towing and Recovery, sounds like another tow company that decided to add repos to their services because “all it takes is a little guts.” I’m not trying to be cold here but there is a reason why we go through all our training and have certification courses and have regular meetings and put out newsletters, etc. Repossession is it’s own field and if you don’t know what you’re doing, people get hurt.

  4. Kelly, I agree with you – a vehicle is not worth some ones well being. It takes a coward to shoot someone in the back. I hope they put them away for a long time.

    Our thought and prayers are with Scotty and his family. !!!

  5. What the hell is wrong with people?!?!? There is no vehicle worth violence. This young man may be paralyzed and for what??? Did shooting Scotty help the Proffitt brothers keep their ride from getting repossessed? NO!!! And it landed their sorry butts in jail and I don’t think the brothers will be needing a ride anytime soon. Here is a wicked thought…make your payments and if you can’t afford it, let it go and get something you can afford. A vehicle does not make a man…his actions do. And these two are far from men!!!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Scotty Arnold and his family. I truly hope he makes a full recovery.

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