MI Repo Man Reportedly Fires Shots at Borrower

West Bloomfield Township, MI – February 23, 2012 – After a borrower refused to surrender their vehicle to him, a Michigan Repo Man’s frustration boiled over last Thursday. In a fit, Adam Lankin, 35 years old, allegedly decided that it was appropriate for him to draw and discharge a gun.

Police report that two repo men are in trouble after firing shots over a car they were supposed to be repossessing. The Police report that Adam Lankin, 35 and Brian Murphy, 28 arrived at the 7900 block of Oakley Park Drive only to be confronted by the borrowers who told them they were not surrendering the car and asked them to leave.

Police claim that Lankin and Murphy then did an overnight  stakeout on the home and confronted two women who came out the next morning.

Reportedly, when the women tried to drive away, Lankin fired a shot into the air and one into the back of the car.

“One guy got in front of the car and one guy got in back of the car and just stood there trying to trap them in,” said West Bloomfield Township Police Lt. Tim Diamond. “They were determined to get the vehicles.”

Police report that Lankin and Murphy had originally made a report about the women, claiming the women had tried to run them over.

Lankin later admitted to firing the shots.

He’s been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon while Murphy is charged with malicious destruction of property.

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