ARA Response to the New Chase Bank Contract

I have gotten several calls over the last few days concerning the new Chase contract and in calling some of the other members I know there are more than a few that are very concerned about several items in it. Some of them are very afraid that in this hard time it will be impossible to not sign the contract and are not sure how to address it without fear of losing your business. It does seem to me to be a very unfair contract that leaves the agents in a very shaky position, I personally know that I would never be able in good conscience sign it.

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From RSIG – Read Before you Sign! – Chase Master Services Agreement

As an Independent Contractor, you are often asked to provide coverage and or indemnity beyond that which is normally provided in any policy of insurance. In addition the RSIG policy speaks for itself as to actual coverage provided.

When reviewing a contract you should consider all of the terms very carefully because in many cases it includes costs or requirements that will not be covered by insurance.

Two contract terms that you should pay particular close attention to in the new Chase contract are:

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Renovo Services Announces Receipt of Multiple Awards from JP Morgan Chase

Press Release

Skip Pros Subsidiary Congratulates their Team Members for Excellence


Renovo Services, LLC, the vehicle transition industry’s most fully-integrated single source solution, today announced that their subsidiary, Skip Pros, received two very exciting awards at last week’s Chase Vendor Roundtable Meeting.

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TX Detectives Force Repo Man to Return Detectives Wife’s Truck at Gunpoint

Houston, TX – April 11, 2012 – “I’m trying to make an honest living,” said Repo Man Brenton Huff. “I shouldn’t have to worry about being shot, especially by police.” But that’s what almost happened when he spotted a 2007 Chevy Silverado four months down on payments in Conroe, TX on March 15th.

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