Primeritus Financial Services Announces Incentive Program for Agents



Nashville, TN – February 2014 – Primeritus Financial Services, Inc. has announced the release of the Primeritus Incentive Program for 2014.  The program is designed to reward agents with the best metal success in their areas as compared to their peers.  The term metal success is defined as the number of vehicles secured, based on the number of accounts received.

Under the Primeritus program, each Vendor Territory Manager (VTM) territory will award three winners every quarter.  The winners will be categorized into peer groups according to volume, and one winning agency will also be selected by the Primeritus staff. “We are excited to offer this program to our agents as a way of rewarding them for jobs well done,” reports Primeritus Vice President and General Manager, Justin Conners.

Primeritus currently has five VTM’s, and with the addition of the staff-selected agency pick, there will be a total of sixteen winners every quarter.  Each winner receives $500.  The winning agents as selected by the VTM’s will be deemed to have the best metal success rate in their territory when compared to their peers. Each peer group will be categorized into high-, mid-and low-volume agencies.  The staff pick will be chosen by a majority vote and that honor will be awarded to the agency that has gone above and beyond the normal call of duty for Primeritus.  This program is currently being offered only to full-service agencies.

Primeritus CEO Chuck Tapp says, “Our goal is to have the best relationships possible with our agency partners. Rewarding those partners with this new incentive program hopefully helps us achieve that goal.”


About Primeritus Financial Services:

Primeritus Financial Services is a national provider of repossession management, remarketing, title services and skip tracing services to the auto finance industry in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.  Since its inception in February of 2012, Primeritus Financial Services has strived to provide clients with value-added, outsourced repossession management and skip tracing services, leveraging a national network of certified agents and unique investigative techniques to quickly and reliably secure customers’ collateral.  Through leadership, service and performance, Primeritus Financial Services offer the trifecta of repossession services:  locate, recover and remarket.

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1 thought on “Primeritus Financial Services Announces Incentive Program for Agents

  1. Metal masters. What a concept. For a lousy $500.00, the cost of a normal retail recovery by an experienced agency. An agency that charges for what they do which is provide service that results in more recoveries without taking exorbitant risks that put the lender in jeopardy. Wake up people, this is a cry for help. If you expect your employee’s to knock on doors on a contingent account, you are crazy. How do you achieve volume if they slow down from 60 mph to get to the next bad address? A better incentive would be how about pay my fuel bill for a month. Or pay for the new set of tires on my recovery vehicles I wore out chasing your crappy assignments. Or pay my legal fees for the year, because my employees would not pass up a piece of metal just because all the relatives were there for a party. Or pay the State my workmans compensation fees I don’t pay because my employees think they are independent contractors, but just found out differently and have taken me to the labor commissioner. Or pay the death benefit to a mans family because he had bills to pay and took the chance he shouldn’t have if he was paid correctly. The best incentive any company can offer is stop demanding contingent assignments in my humble opinion.

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