Read the Headlines and Take Heed!

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Do a quick search of the internet and you’ll see headlines like:

  • East Coast Residents Prepare for “Perfect Storm
  • East Cast Braces for $1 Billion Storm as Hurricane Sandy Barrels through the Bahamas
  • Odds increase that “Frankenstorm” will pound East Coast
  • Hurricane Sandy: ‘Beyond Strange…Unprecedented
  • Hurricane Sandy likely to bring “SuperStorm” to East Coast

These headlines are designed to bring attention to a storm that was once expected to veer off into the Atlantic but is now setting its sights on the East Coast…and those in the potential path should take heed and pay attention to the warnings.

Storm related claims can include wind damage to repossessed vehicles from fallen trees and flying debris, water damage due to flooding and high water, auto claims from people trying to drive in unsafe conditions, and property claims as buildings, awnings, windows and business owned property like computers, furniture, fixtures, equipment etc. can be damaged due to severe weather.

If you don’t have property coverage and are in the storm’s path, you likely cannot add it now as many insurers cease adding this sort of coverage when storms are approaching. So you should take steps now to ensure your business and assets are protected. Make sure to back up computer files and take copies offsite, so you can have access if unable to immediately return to your office!

Release vehicles to debtors, transporters and auctions. The fewer vehicles in your care, custody and control

the better. Move vehicles that you cannot release to higher ground, indoor storage (if safer) or away from trees, fences, awnings etc.

Secure personal property off the floor, especially in low lying areas. Personal property claims are some of the most difficult to manage…even on the best of days!

Tour Your Lot – Clean up debris that will be picked up by high winds, anchor or brace fuel tanks, oil drums, any outdoor furniture, trash cans etc. Flying debris can cause significant damage to people, vehicles and property.

Remember no vehicle, no assignment is worth a human life. When weather turns severe, bring your trucks and people back in. Think Smart, Be Safe and Stay Dry.



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