Repo Man Arrested for Car Theft

El Paso, AR – September 28, 2012 – An Arkansas Repo Man with a previous criminal record of altering VIN numbers has been arrested on charges of auto theft which he allegedly committed using his employers tow truck.

Bryant Police Department arrested Timothy David Smith of El Paso, Arkansas on 9/25/2012 for theft of property after an investigation of a stolen vehicle that occurred around May 13, 2012. This was when in the early morning hours, Timothy Smith, employed with Alert Recovering Repo Service went into an Apartment Complex with his company tow truck and hooked up a 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe which he left with.

On that same morning, Bryant Officers had actually pulled over Smith in the tow truck off to the side of a service road. The driver, allegedly Smith, told Police that he had just repossessed the SUV and had provided paperwork. Ay this time, the SUV had not yet been reported stolen so the Officers let the man go. It wasn’t until later when the Bryant Police Department received the stolen vehicle report that they realized that it was the same SUV that was on the tow truck.

Police then learned of an accident that occurred on Highway 70 on September 19, 2012 involving a Red Dodge Ram tow truck that matched the description of the one from the earlier vehicle theft. Investigators compared that truck to the one from the officer’s dash cam video and concluded that both vehicles were the same. The company named on the side of the tow truck was “Alert Recovery” out of North Little Rock. Provided with this information, Investigators were able to make a positive identification on the suspect Timothy Smith and was able to obtain a warrant for his arrest.

Timothy David Smith was arrested at his home in El Paso, Arkansas on 9/25/12 without incident. He was taken to the Saline County Jail where his bail was set at $5000.00.

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  1. Well hes my brother n law and what ever has went on hes got a family n kids that probley sees these comments be nice

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