Repo Woman Assaulted During Repossession

Kingsport, TN – April 4, 2014 – A 50 year old Kingsport man was arrested Thursday following his assault during a repossession by a Tennessee Repo Woman.

According to a report, sheriff’s deputies responded to a call to a residence and made contact with the unnamed Repo Woman at a residence in the aftermath of her attempt to repossess a vehicle.

Police report that the unnamed Repo Woman, was on the passenger side of the vehicle doing a condition report when Michael Halterman, 50, allegedly jumped into the driver’s seat and reached for the keys.

The woman reported that that she got into the vehicle to get the keys out of the ignition when Halterman allegedly resisted and grabbed her wrist to not let her get the keys.

Halterman then, reportedly put the vehicle in reverse and started to back up.

The Repo Woman was able to get out of the car before he drove off, but reported that her clipboard, keys and other personal items were still inside the car as Halterman sped away.hltrmn_repo_mugsht

While authorities were interviewing the woman, Halterman came back to the residence and disclosed the vehicles hiding place at a home on Hawkins Street and that it was parked behind a shed.

The woman reportedly suffered visible bruising and abrasions on her wrist.

Halterman has been charged with assault, theft and driving on a suspended or revoked license.

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