SC Teen Threatens Repo Co Owner at Gunpoint at Lot

Edgefield, SC – October 12, 2012 – Nineteen year old Devaughn Simpkins seems to have had a brain cramp when his thought processes convinced him that he could get his repossessed car back simply by pulling a gun and threatening to kill the repo company owner.

According to the police report, Simpkins showed up at the repo company and told the owner he wanted to retrieve personal items out of the repossessed car. During the conversation an argument began when Simpkins said he was going to retake possession of the car and leave. The owner told Simpkins if he tried to police would be called.
According to the report, at that point Simpkins allegedly pulled a pistol from his waistband and pointed it at the business owner’s head saying, “I will blow your brains out,”. Witnesses at the office called 911 to report the situation and provided information to dispatchers as Simpkins fled the scene without the  vehicle.

Edgefield County Sheriff’s Deputies and Edgefield Police canvassed the area, and within moments located Simpkins and took him into custody without incident. A stolen 9 mm Ruger pistol was seized as evidence.

Simpkins was placed behind bars on charges of assault and battery in the first degree, possession of stolen goods, and pointing and presenting a firearm at a person.

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  1. At that point and time he would have been treated like a man and after that he would WANT the police there. I would have took it to his ass.

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