Getting Back to the Point – The Heart of the Santander CARS Mandate Editorial


Our initial editorial titled “Santander Demands CARS Certification – The Contingent Fee Contradiction” we addressed the issue of Santander/Chrysler demanding that all of their approximate 700 agencies be CARS Certified. Despite our extreme efforts to distance any blame on RISC, CARS or Joe Taylor, Stamatis Ferrolis or Mark Lacek, all of their editorial responses focused solely upon their defense. It seems like either they all miss the point or perhaps they agree with us and just can’t say it?

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The Recovery Agents Benefit Fund (The RABF)…A Year in Review

rabf2Years ago, when word of a repossessor’s injury or death occurred, donations quickly followed. Then with the turn in the economy and the slow recovery those donations have essentially stopped…. A troubling sign of the times.

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The Next Big Thing is Already Here! AFA Client Login Portal!

afa new small

Clients can now manage their AFA Members Compliance Documents!

 For Immediate Release: afa_pr_ss1

Allied Finance Adjusters has implemented a new “Client Login” portal!   Vendor Managers have inquired about getting their own login to the AFA Website to manage ONLY the members they have approved for repossession services. They asked and we provided!

We now have in place a “Quick View” of our members compliance documents that are expired or about to expire. You can add only the AFA Members you have approved to your custom grid.

Another industry first brought to you by the most advanced trade in the industry, Allied Finance Adjusters!

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