2018 NorthLegal Conferences


NorthLegal Training and Publications has announced the dates and locations for its 2018 bankruptcy and collections conferences.  Registration is now open, so if you plan on attending you can do so now using this year’s or in a few weeks using next year’s, whichever works best for your budget.

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The “Compliance” Issue we are Missing

wrecked_towtruckWith the advent of the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act and its enforcement arm, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) the new “buzz” word in the lending industry and the collateral recovery industry is compliance.  Throw in the FDCPA, GLBA, SCRA, FCRA, etc., etc. it becomes abundantly clear that the potential for liability and litigation is daunting.


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Beware the Source of your Criminal Background Checks

Guest Editorial

Over the past year, many financial institutions, including banks, credit unions and automobile lending institutions have been working diligently with service providers to assure compliance. One issue that these entities have been addressing is the need for employers to properly screen and conduct criminal background checks on all employees.

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