RISC Promo Offer to TexasARP Members


9/27/17 – For the next 60 days (9/26/2017 to 11/25/2017) As a TexasARP member you will receive…  

One year of RISC Associate membership valued at $595.00.   RISC Associate membership provides a 15% discount along with access to the entire suite of RISC compliance, training, and business docs at no additional charge. If you are Texas based and purchased RISC CAN or an Associate membership within the last 60 days (7/26/2017 to 9/25/2017) and if you join TexasARP you will receive a credit for one CARS program valued at $300.00. 

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Just the Facts Ma’am – Editorial Response from Joe Taylor


Before I get started on this article I would be remiss if I did not first recognize those brave and compassionate recovery agents who have gone to Houston to help in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey. I thank you for your efforts and pray for your safe return to your own home soon.  I also continue to send prayers to those agents affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Now, to my reasons for writing this article.

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TexasARP Hurricane Harvey Repossessors Relief Funds Update!

To all victims of the Hurricanes this year our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families!



9/14/2017 – We would like to take this time to thank all of you who have donated!  A very special thank you to the California Association of Licensed Repossessors (CALR) and its members for their support! CALR has sent E-Blast to their members many times since the campaign started! Thank You!  Thank You! Thank You!

TexasARP started the Hurricane Harvey Repossessors Relief fund 5 days after Harvey made landfall. As of Sept 14th we have raised over $12,000.00! 100% of these funds will go to the recovery agencies and their employees that were affected by the hurricane.

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RABF to Manage Hurricane Relief Fundraising for Repossession Industry


The Recovery Agents Benefit Fund has been asked by the leaders of American Recovery Association, Allied Finance Adjusters Conference Inc., Time Finance Adjusters, CALR, RSIG and by the editor of CUCollector to step up and to accept donations for those who may be affected by Hurricanes Harvey which struck the Gulf and Irma which made US landfall this weekend in Florida.

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TexasARP Announces it’s Own State Repossessor Association

For Immediate Release

September 5th 2017 – Stephanie Findley of I.R. Services, Sugar Land TX, has started the first Texas State Association “Texas Accredited Repossession Professionals” (TexasARP).

The goal of the association is to educate the Texas repossession agency owners and employees on the laws of the state and the policies in place for each county, provide towing and safety training to its members and to work with and educate clients and law enforcement. In time as the association grows Stephanie plans to work with the Texas TDLR.

TX Repossessors Hurricane Relief Fund

The first act of business coming from TexasARP is to help the repossessors and their employees that have been affected by “Hurricane Harvey”.

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Hurricane Harvey Update

In our earlier report, we reported that “Repossession agencies in the area have reportedly been put on a 60 day moratorium on all repossessions by the state as well as many lenders and will likely be extended throughout the disaster recovery period.”

This has not been verified as a “State Mandate”, but rather individual lenders have broadcasted this publicly and probably directly to individual agencies in the areas. Please check with your lenders as appropriate on this.

Repossessors Affected

Earlier it had been reported that no agencies themselves had been affected, but later, we had to unfortunately update that two Allied Finance Adjuster agencies (names withheld) have suffered significant damage. One American Recovery Association member lost their home and six of their employees.

Hurricane Harvey – Repossessors Bringing Help

The flood waters are started to recede and many are returning to their homes and businesses which have been destroyed by this catastrophic disaster. The Houston and Southern Texas areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey have brought out the best in many Americans including the repossession industry. With no prompting and little fanfare, repossession agencies from across the country are on their way, and some are already there to providing assistance and supplies to help the people in the flood affected areas.

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