Rate a Lender, Rate a Forwarder

A common inquiry on social media in the repossession industry is, lender and Forwarder performance. In these posts, it can be difficult to measure exactly what the overall experience is amongst agents and agencies. In our effort to facilitate a platform for agents and agencies to provide valuable feedback to others in the industry, we have created easy to access polls measuring the performance of Lenders and vendors on a number of various aspects such as fees, storage and quality.

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PAR North America Assists the RABF With a Significant Donation and Pledges Future Support!

Jeff Sibbet, Director of Recovery Services for PAR North America reached out to the Recovery Agents Benefit Fund with exciting news of their support for the RABF at their recent Agent Networking Event and Golf Outing held in Indianapolis, Indiana in June; along with news of their planned continued support of the fund and this industry.  Many businesses donate tens of thousands of dollars to charitable groups every year as a result of corporate fundraising efforts for the positive impact on public relations and for the corporate tax benefits. 

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PAR and Santander Named in “Forcible Removal” Lawsuit

Paintsville, KY – 31 May 2017 – Sandra Baldwin, a Johnson County resident, and her lawyer, David Runyon of Kirk Law Firm, have filed a 19-page lawsuit against AA REPO EAST, LLC, of Lexington, Eddie Pinson of Pikeville, allegedly an employee of AA REPO EAST, SANTANDER CONSUMER U.S.A. and PAR, IN. d/b/a PAR NORTH AMERICA for Compensatory and Punitive Damages for what the Complaint, filed in the Johnson Circuit Court, says was a “Wrongful, Physical Taking of Her Vehicle.” 

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CORP Issues Letter to RDN on Lender Solicitation



The following was a letter sent to Recovery Database Network (RDN) by the Council of Repossession Professionals (CORP):

it has been a concern of ours that information entered by the repossession agencies could be used for marketing purposes by your affiliate corporation, PAR North America. Our industry enters proprietary information into RDN every day; the names and contact information of creditors, our fee amounts, and other data. It would not be difficult to assess the size and scope of various creditors, and have PAR North America target our clients based on this information.

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The George Badeen vs. PAR War Wages On

op_v_gdzllaLansing, MI – March 23, 2016 – Despite clear administrative and judicial rulings from 2014 & 2015, declaring PAR to be a “Debt Collection Agency” by definition under Michigan Law, PAR appears undaunted and continues in it’s attempts to thwart any attempt to limit its doing business in the State of Michigan or be defined a debt collection agency under the existing rulings.

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CUCollector Retraction of “A Letter to the Forwarders from Bill Alvarez”

As demanded by Gene A. Wheeler, ADESA Sr. Corporate Counsel, CUCollector would like to publish the following statement.

“CUCollector would like to issue a statement correcting our error to all of the subscribers to which the original “editorial”, “A Letter to the Forwarders from Bill Alvarez”, was sent.

Also as demanded by PAR, CUCollector has retracted this “editorial.

CUCollector understands that our failure to comply with this request will lead PAR to examine their legal options, including the filing of a lawsuit for injunctive and monetary relief.

CUCollector would like to also state, that as a long time client of ADESA in my capacity as a lender, I had never had any prior problems with ADESA, nor to my knowledge has ADESA had any with me, and I had always previously held them in high regard.” 

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