ARA and RISC’s March Webinar Series Covers UDAAP and FDCPA






American Recovery Association and RISC hosts monthly continuing education webinar about latest regulations and compliance policies


American Recovery Association and RISC announce March 2013 dates for its free continuing education webinar series for recovery and remarketing professionals and lenders.

Each one-hour webinar offers education about latest recovery laws and regulations, compliance policies and industry issues. March’s program will focus on UDAAP (Unfair, Deceptive and Abusive Practices) and FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act). This webinar is useful for gaining knowledge on how to raise the standard of your business and prepare your business for new regulations.

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The 10% 30 Day Retirement Plan

pig_e_bnk2Guest Editorial

America has been called a “credit card society” and statistics tend to show this to be an accurate assessment.  Two primary reasons given for this assessment are personal and financial irresponsibility.  America and Americans are living on credit.  If you can imagine such an amount (and I can’t) our current debt is 16 trillion dollars and our long term liabilities are over 70 trillion dollars.  And we, as hard working American taxpayers are on the hook for it all!

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Image Building

man_stnding_slhtGuest Editorial

When the words “bank”, or “lending institution” are mentioned, what “images” do these words conjure up in the minds of most people?  Trust, confidence, a place where Professionals advise you on matters of money and finance.  A place where your money is safe because you are dealing with trained, bank certified professionals.

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C.A.R.S. Has Been Approved In Illinois!

Press Release

RISC is proud to announce that the Illinois Edition of the C.A.R.S. – Certified Asset Recovery Specialist certification program has been approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

The ICC is responsible for enforcement of the new Illinois Collateral Recovery Act.  Both the Illinois Edition and the standard C.A.R.S. programs meets all the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) compliance requirements.

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