Consumer Experience Surveys Required for Repo Redemptions?


October 31, 2017 – In what bizzaro universe would someone expect to receive positive feedback from a borrower redeeming their repossessed vehicle? Well, that’s the expectation being pressed upon repossession agencies working for national forwarder, Millennium Capital and Recovery Corp. on Toyota and Wells Fargo accounts.

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Concerns regarding the new Primeritus Contract and Survey

flacarsPress Release

We have received several concerns regarding the New Primeritus contract regarding many of the provisions contained within. I have put together a survey outlining some of the components of the contract that have created much concern. Many in the industry are feeling that enough is enough.

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The CUCollector 2012 State of the Industry Survey

In 2011 we published the first of our “State of the Industry” surveys for both the collections and repossession industries. The response was good and over the last year, new issues have arisen that we felt worthy of bringing up such as the CFPB and its role in diligence as well as the potential of creating a trade association.

Well, It’s that time again and we need your responses.

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