2018 Illinois Repossessors Meet & Greet

Sponsored by Worldwide Equipment Sales

The Illinois Recovery Association would like to invite all the Illinois repossession companies to our meet & greet event being held on March 28th 2018 @ 6PM



You must RSVP by 3/16/18 by contacting

Jon Jendral IRA Pres 708-296-5004

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The BIG Question in Illinois


The BIG question in Illinois seems to be where is the IRA headed? Well, I have some answers for you!

Recently, I had the opportunity to hold my first IRA meeting as the new president and several decisions were made as a result. The purpose of this article is to provide an update on the reformation of the IRA.

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PTROI Response to “Illinois, Where are we Heading” Editorial


This letter is in response to the guest editorial by Tim Downs which recently appeared in your publication.  I am hoping to get equal time and I will try to be brief, although the original article is very lengthy.

Mr. Downs appears to not be happy with anyone.

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Illinois, Where We are Headed

Guest Editorial Response from IRA President

As the President of the Illinois Recovery Association (IRA), I would like to take the opportunity to reply to the previous article, Illinois Where are We Headed, dated 1/24/18. First, let me say that the IRA is not a secret association. The IRA is a state-wide association founded in 2001 for the purpose of having a medium where owner-operators could work in partnership. There are various benefits of the association; for example, the IRA made it possible for companies to stay well-informed of upcoming changes in the industry and developed and maintained a relationship with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

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Illinois, Where Are We Headed?


We often read, in this very blog post, about today’s changes and tragedies that affect the repossession industry.  Often we shake our heads at what some people’s actions invoke in these stories, thinking to ourselves how ridiculous is all this going to get?  Opinions of fellow reader’s often draw and develop the most eye opening conversations when we hear about today’s changes and all or part is disagreed with.  Sometimes these changes are acknowledged by a guest editorials, leaving us, in the end, with the facts to propel change or at minimum the facts to form an opinion.

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IRA Announces New President

New President of the The Illinois Recovery Association (“IRA”) ,Jon Jendral of Done Rite Recovery Service, Inc

The Illinois Recovery Association (“IRA”) would like to announce a change in leadership.  We would like to congratulate, Jon Jendral of Done Rite Recovery Service, Inc. located in Lansing, IL for accepting the role of president of the IRA.  The change became effective beginning in September 2017.  Going forward, Al Janus of Asset Biz Corp. will continue to serve on the Board and will act as past president.

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