Caught on Video – Repo Man Breaks Into Garage

Flint, MI – 5 February 2018 – On May 13, 2017, an unnamed borrower caught a repossessor, allegedly from Michigan Recovery Services, breaking into their garage and then towing the vehicle from the garage for lender, Elga Credit Union of Burton, MI. In the borrowers mind, two wrongs make a right and they stole it back from the credit union, right off their lot.

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Rent-a Rim Repo Man Caught on Video

repo_rimsSo, you think repossessing cars with a wheel lift is tough? Be glad you’re not repossessing ghetto rims like this unnamed “Rent-a Rim Repo Man” in this video. Just image how pissed off this owner would be to come out and find his Mercedes Benz up on blocks like this. No easy get away in your truck on this job. Kind of makes a simple repo look pale.

The narrator is priceless!

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