Santander Collecting Storage, But Repo Agencies Can’t?

To quote someone who may desire to remain anonymous, “Let This Sink in…”

Perhaps I’m a little late on this, but a copy of a borrower notice of intent letter from Santander/Chrysler to an unnamed borrower has surfaced showing Santander charging $25 a day storage while forcing their repossession agents, direct and via Forwarder, to waive the fees. This is almost too bizarre to be true.

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This Subprime Auto Lender Repos 35 Percent of the Cars It Finances

Subprime auto lending has faced intense regulatory scrutiny over the past year, and one name that’s consistently part of that focus is Credit Acceptance, a Michigan-based lender that’s known as the pioneer of financing vehicles for people with shaky credit. Here’s a fact I learned about Credit Acceptance today: every year, it expects to repossess 35 percent of the cars it finances.

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2018 Illinois Repossessors Meet & Greet

Sponsored by Worldwide Equipment Sales

The Illinois Recovery Association would like to invite all the Illinois repossession companies to our meet & greet event being held on March 28th 2018 @ 6PM



You must RSVP by 3/16/18 by contacting

Jon Jendral IRA Pres 708-296-5004

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Developing World-Class Debt Collectors Collection Education Scholarships Available


Wyoming, MN – February 20, 2018 – Keeping debt collectors up-to-date with fundamental resources and regulatory changes is one secret of a successful collection department.  With changes to the industry coming from every direction, it can be a challenge to keep staff informed.  Now in its eighth year, the CU Recovery Collection Academy educational conference represents a debt recovery strategy geared specifically toward reducing credit union delinquency.  CU Recovery shares its 25+ years of experience by presenting collection best practices, offering peer-to-peer networking opportunities, and speakers covering topics important to day-to-day operations.  The 2.5 day Academy curriculum is formulated from attendee feedback on topics that are essential to the health and success of credit union collection departments.

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