AFA Presents a FREE One Day Repossession Seminar with Eric M. North, Esq.

You and your staff are cordially invited to attend

a FREE one day repossession training seminar featuring

Eric M. North, Esq.

Mr. North is an attorney and nationally-recognized speaker with more than 30 years experience handling consumer lending issues for credit unions and finance companies. This one day seminar will cover subject matter that is different from Eric’s Bankruptcy and Collections seminars and will focus on repossession law and other repossession related topics. It is an outstanding opportunity for lending institutions to get free training and education for their collections and repossession staff.

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The Value of an Association


Recently I was reading a post on one of my social networking sites which questioned the value of associations in today’s market place, weighing the ROI against the expenses of membership and travel to annual conferences. While I understand the reasoning behind these questions, still the only obvious response is that being a member of an association, or several for that matter, is not only invaluable—it is essential to the success of the individual.

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Capital One to Pay $10K for every Wrongful Repo on Servicemen

July 28, 2012 – In its second settlement in eight days, Capital One Bank will pay $12 million in restitution to troops who were unlawfully denied reprieve from high interest rates, foreclosure and car repossession while on active duty. As the result of alleged violations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), Capital One has agreed to settle on allegations it is accused of denying legal process and protections to during the period of July 15, 2006, to November 21, 2011.

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Another Reason Never to use a Tow Company to Repossess a Car

Dallas, TX – July 26, 2012 – The difference between a repossession and a simple parking violation are clear, and as such should never be confused with each other. What happened in Dallas last week with a simple tow that ended a young man’s life is just another example of why such care should be taken in agent selection. If the tow driver couldn’t manage a simple parking violation tow, how would he handle a repossession?

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Skip-Tracing Best Practices

Guest Article

We all know that skip-tracers are often pushed into situations which have them sacrificing fundamental good practices in the quest for rapid results.  When they’re being told to, “Find that Skip by any means necessary;  I don’t care what it costs!”, a simple slip-up on third-party disclosure, an unconscious violation of GLB, FDCPA, FCRA, or a careless disregard for the Pre-Text Act is not unheard of.  Yet it can come with tens of thousands in fines and possible jail time. 

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“The Condition Report” Announces Web Software and Mobile Application Launch

Press Release

“Digital Condition Reports Through A Smart Phone Change The Face Of The Industry”

It’s time to go digital and stop faxing condition reports because you no longer have to take pictures on a hand held camera and upload them to your computer, then email those pictures to your clients. No more data entry into your current system once the condition report is completed, we will integrate with you current system and process. 

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