Concerns regarding the new Primeritus Contract and Survey

flacarsPress Release

We have received several concerns regarding the New Primeritus contract regarding many of the provisions contained within. I have put together a survey outlining some of the components of the contract that have created much concern. Many in the industry are feeling that enough is enough.

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Santander ‘s Open Letter to the Repossession and Recovery Industry

computr_ltrGuest Editorial

Santander Consumer USA sent an Open Letter to everyone in the Repossession and Recovery Industry yesterday on March 26th. While the basis of the letter seemed to be more of a justification of recent changes made by Santander and the negative responses it had received by the Repossession and Recovery Industry, Santander went in to great detail of its relationship and commitment to be compliant with Federal regulations and the CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau).

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Super Charge Your Search Engine!

srch_engneWhen using search engines, the possibilities are endless for you to locate information of value.  Remember: there are millions of lists, websites, documents, and so much more on the worldwide web.   By using super-charged wildcard techniques on search engines, you vastly increase your chances of finding unknown details that just wouldn’t appear on a standard credit application.

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Sticks & Stones (part 2)

stcks_stnsGuest Editorial

To shield his child from the impact of some hurtful words shouted at the playground, the father offers the same advice that he was given as a child: “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you.”  However well intended, this is a very deceiving statement, because words do have power over us and can elicit any number of emotions from a human being.  A Professional Skip-Tracer knows that words and their timing can have a profound effect on their own success or failure.

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