Michael Dougherty to Keynote NARS 2014


Keynote speaker will expose the realities and direct impact of the

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on recovery agents

 IRVING, Texas – Feb. 27, 2014 – The North American Repossessors Summit (NARS), an industry event hosted by the American Recovery Association, Inc. (ARA) and Time Finance Adjusters (TFA), is proud to announce keynote speaker, Michael J. Dougherty, will speak at the sixth annual event, to be held March 20-22, 2014. As a previous speaker at the 2012 summit, Dougherty discussed how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) would soon impact and change the recovery industry. This year, he will expand on the realities of what has actually happened to the industry over the last two years and what this means for recovery agents.

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CA Repo Men Allowed to Wear Badges

bdgs_sra_mdreSacramento, CA – February 24, 2014 – With little fanfare, the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) under the Department of Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has made several revisions to the California Collateral Recovery Act (Business and Professions Code 7500-7511) that as of January 1, 2014, among other changes, allows Repossessors in the state of California to wear badges similar to that of law enforcement.

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Primeritus Financial Services Acquires Repo Remarketing and Find Track Locate



Nashville, TN – February 24, 2014 – Primeritus Financial Services, Inc., a leader in recovery management, skip tracing and remarketing services, today announced their acquisition of Repo Remarketing, a principal recovery and remarketing firm. Included in the acquisition is Find Track Locate, Repo Remarketing’s skip tracing unit.

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Has Our Passion Been Lost?


I know I’m not the only one asking, “Where did the passion go?”  Not to sound like a grumpy old man here, but it was not too long ago that a person got up each morning with one desire: to be the best in their chosen profession. We woke up each morning and did what it took.  We worked long hours, studied, read anything we could get our hands on to figure out how to do the job better.  We went to seminars, TOOK NOTES, networked with our peers and shared information in an effort to reach our pinnacle of success.

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3 Resources for Credit Union Collection Departments Building the Foundation Training Now Available


Wyoming, MN – February 18, 2014 – Bringing new collectors up-to-speed or keeping experienced collectors’ skills up-to-date is an everyday challenge.  With regulatory compliance essential to the collection department, today’s training goes beyond teaching a skill.  CU Recovery has created 3 training blueprints that provide powerful collection tools for credit union collection departments through a systematic technique that will create efficiencies and decrease delinquency.

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The Recovery Agents Benefit Fund (RABF) Needs Your Help!

RABF_LOGOPress Release

The Recovery Agents Benefit Fund (RABF) is being called upon again to assist a family in Arizona, who last week lost a husband and father to five young sons ages 5 to 15.  Seth Williams lost his life when another driver did not see him and turned in front of him, while he was driving his motorcycle home on Feb. 12, 2014.  Seth was just 35 years old.

When his employer reached out to us, the RABF was quickly able to respond and assist this family during their most difficult time.  But the RABF needs your help to be able to continue with this important work.

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Common Sense Compliance: Article 2 – Is It Better?

complnc_cupGuest Editorial

A few years ago I was in another state (which shall go unnamed here) working with a group of collateral recovery business owners to pass a minimum, sensible and effective law regulating the licensure and oversight of those who provide self-help (non-judicial) repossession services.  It was a State Senate hearing and there were a number of collateral recovery business owners there supporting our Bill.  However, in the crowd there was one business owner who opposed our efforts.  His reason, which he really did say openly to the Senate Committee, was that “if this legislation passed into law he would have to terminate several of his employees because they were convicted felons”.

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NARS 2014 Expands To Include Scholarship Awards, 2nd Annual Golf Tournament, Raffle, and Additional Networking and Sponsorship Opportunities


As Attendance Increases, Annual Summit Adds More Education, Networking and Other Additional Opportunities for the Recovery and Remarketing Industry 

IRVING, Texas – Feb.19, 2014 – The North American Repossessors Summit (NARS), an industry event hosted by the American Recovery Association, Inc. (ARA) and Time Finance Adjusters (TFA), today announced it added new events to this year’s summit, including the NARS Scholarship Awards, additional sponsorship and networking opportunities, 2nd annual golf tournament and raffle.

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