The New “RABF Legacy” Page!

rabf_legacyRemembering our brothers and sisters of the repossession industry!

Press Release

6/29/2015 – Please help support the RABF by visiting the new RABF Legacy page. This is the place to honor the owners and employees of the recovery industry that are no longer with us. This living memorial of our fallen can be shared with generations of recovery professionals for years to come.

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How Low Can Repossession Fees Go?

hand_fll_chngGuest Editorial

Repossession fees have been cut and cut to the point it is getting dangerous. It’s been shown time and time again, when you read these stories about repossessions gone bad, they happened when you have untrained people out there picking up cars and/or they are under undue stress to repossess that car because if they don’t, they don’t get paid—their family doesn’t eat. If you cut back fees too far, it becomes impossible for companies to do it right. Perhaps instead of trying to find more ways to save the consumer money, maybe it’s time to start to find ways to make the consumer and general public more safe by paying a higher repossession fee that allows for companies to run their businesses right and to make their repossessions safe.

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Luke Smith, President of MVTRAC Wins Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 2015 Man of the Year

lk_smith1Chicago, IL – June 25, 2015 – Luke K. Smith, President of MVTRAC, LLC, has been named the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) 2015 Man of the Year. Collectively, Luke along with the other candidates from the Illinois chapter raised over $600,000 to help cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

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Anonymous Creates Epic Video Explaining the State of the Repo Industry

epic_scrnshtThe mysterious anti-repossession forwarding group, Anonymous has created a humorous but fact filled video explaining the current state of the repossession industry. Albeit in the form of an animated narrator, the purposely formatted “Fairy Tale” entitled “Welcome to a Grim Fairytale About our Total Annihilation“ does a good job of explaining the history of repossession forwarding, it’s effects on the industry, …

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Allied Finance Adjusters (AFA) and Vendor Transparency Solutions (VTS) Integrate

afa new small

“The Largest Not-For-Profit National Trade Association Of Repossession Professionals Since 1936”

For Immediate Release

June 18th 2015 – Allied Finance Adjusters (AFA) and Vendor Transparency Solutions (VTS) through our ongoing partnership are proud to announce the integration of the AFA vetting portal with the VTS platform. AFA is now able to order inspections and monitor applicants and members of the association though VTS. This new capability will simplify the vetting process of all new members and allow safe and compliant storage of all documents. This procedure has put every AFA member that utilizes VTS in front of the lenders who utilizes the system.

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ROA Partners With NCCI Providing Field Contact Services

ROA_logoNew partnership helps reduce loan losses for ROA clients


PASADENA, Calif., June 18, 2015 — Remarketing of America (ROA), the premier risk management and loss mitigation provider of recovery and remarketing services for the financial services community, has partnered with National Creditors Connection, Inc. (NCCI) to provide field contact services for lenders nationwide.

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CU Recovery Awards $5,000 in Collection Academy Scholarships Recipients will Share Their Entries at Conference



Wyoming, MN – June 15, 2015 – CU Recovery, the #1 collection resource for credit unions, is pleased to announce the award of $5,000.00 in tuition scholarships to its Fall 2015 Collection Academy. 5 scholarships were awarded to small, medium and large credit unions based on their submission about changes that were implemented in their collection department or credit union, that produced significant results. Recipients will present their ideas and results at the Collection Academy during the Peer to Peer discussions.

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The Court Got It Right

FIST_CSHGuest Editorial

If you read CUCollector, which is an excellent forum for information and accuracy for the collateral recovery industry and the lending community you probably read the recent article regarding a lawsuit filed in federal court under the FDCPA by Wanda Vantu v. Echo Recovery, LLC, et al. This article has stimulated lots of discussion, the primary reason being that many in the collateral recovery industry as well as some lenders seem surprised that a Section of the FDCPA specifically applies to collateral recovery agents (Security Enforcers as defined by the Federal Trade Commission). I would like to follow up on the CUCollector article because, due to the proliferation of Wrongful Repossession lawsuits being litigated in federal courts I believe this is a subject that warrants further discussion and clarification.

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TFA Offers Compliance Membership Incentive to Repossession Industry


June 16th, 2015 – In order to further expand the geographical reach, and levels of CFPB compliance within its organization, Time Finance Adjusters is offering a substantial discount to new applicants who are current VTS subscribers.

TFA is offering a 25% discount for all listing fees for the first year of TFA membership to VTS subscribers who are not yet part of the TFA network. This also would be an inducement for those considering joining a national association, and also requiring high-level CFPB compliance, to join both organizations at a substantial discount.

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