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trck_drv_nghtCollateral Recovery Agent Tow Truck Training….Why?


Certainly, there are many potential risks associated with the physical act of self-help repossession activity and we read about some of the unfortunate, sometimes deadly results. Statistics clearly show that professional training and certification are the most effective methods for minimizing and controlling those risks.

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Mother Calls Repo Workers “Like Angels”

xmas_tow_trkOccasionally, I hear a story of giving from someone in the industry that just makes me remember how great so many of you in the repossession industry are. This time, it’s the folks at Relentless Recovery of Ohio.

Ten-year-old Ania answered the knock at her door in Garfield Heights. Her mom was on the couch, immobilized by illness.

It was the repo man.

”I thought, ‘This is not good,’ ” said Ania’s mom, Diana Parks, who’d had a lot of bad moments this year.

In May, she learned that she has a pituitary tumor. She had seizures and difficulty walking, plus other problems doctors are trying to diagnose.

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CU Recovery Employee Community Involvement Giving Back an Important Part of the Company Culture



Wyoming, MN – December 8, 2015 – Community can be defined as ‘a unified body of individuals sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.’ The staff of CU Recovery steps to the front of the line in their commitment to the local community. The company culture illustrates involvement from top management down through financial support and volunteerism. Since the company was founded, employees have been encouraged to participate in local events that benefit non-profits in their area.

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Working for Predatory Lenders


The members of Eagle Group XX have noted a phenomenon occurring in our industry and would like to address it in order to assist other asset recovery industry members in avoiding costly lawsuits, bad publicity and loss of clients.

In today’s litigious society it is not an uncommon occurrence for a professional asset recovery agency to end up named in a lawsuit instigated by a consumer when the allegations of wrongdoing relate strictly to the activities of the lender.

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Join Rachel Rapport of HAR “On the Red Carpet”

rachel_mikeFor many years, Rachel Rapport, FKA;Reiter, has been actively involved in the Recover Agents Benefit Fund as well as CALR and many other benevolent charities in the repossession industry. On February 20th, 2016, Rachel and her Husband Brandon will be celebrated for their many contributions to the Temple Kol Tikvah and everyone is invited to support this celebration.

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