Higher Recovery Rates Fueled by DRN Historical Data Now Available via Clearplan


Historical Data Available Free for 30-Day Trial Period


Fort Worth, TX – June 30, 2016 – DRN’s vehicle location data has transformed the recovery industry; and now DRN is integrating the company’s historical hit data through Clearplan for even higher recovery rates. Starting July 1, DRN Affiliates can access historical hit data in Clearplan’s Business Plan free for a 30-day trial period.

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The “CALR Elite” App overhaul is complete!

Screenshot_home_page20160529-171443Everyone is welcome at CALR!

For Immediate Release

The “CALR Elite” app is a must have for all Lenders and recovery agencies!

Keep up to date on the ever changing laws regarding repossessions.

Recovery agents in the field can inform & educate law enforcement and consumers during or after repossession.

Lenders when choosing a recovery agency in California or throughout the United States look to CALR first, the dedication of education, professionalism, training and certification is CALR’s top priority!

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Herc-O-Matic Hidden Underbody Wheel Lift Unit Available Now!



Detroit Wrecker has offered our legendary Lil Hercules & Herc-O-Matic Underbody Wheel Lifts since 2011 and repossessors worldwide have had the chance to enjoy this quality built unit. Detroit Wrecker is the only manufacturer that offers customers a Lifetime Warranty on Pins & Bushings plus a host of other standard features that make this unit stand high above the rest. This unit is designed and engineered to last many years with minimal to no repair. Customers who have experienced other units and had the chance to own one of ours have seen a night and day difference between quality, customer service, and reliability.

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CU Recovery Collection Academy Announces Scholarships Winners



Wyoming, MN – June 21, 2016 – CU Recovery and The Loan Service Center, the #1 collection resource for credit unions, is pleased to announce the award of $7,200.00 in scholarships to its Fall 2016 Collection Academy.  8 scholarships were awarded to credit unions based on their submission about the goals of their collection department and how their professional development would help achieve those goals.  Recipients will receive Collection Academy tuition, lodging at the host hotel, and will be recognized during the 2.5 day conference.

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TX Man Arrested After Pulling Gun on Repo Man

gun_pnt_blnkOdessa, TX – 20 June 2016 – A 40-year old man was arrested Tuesday in Odessa after pointing a gun at a repo man at UTPB Park on Monday.

Odessa Police were summoned to the park on a call of a disturbance. When they arrived, officers met with a repo driver for West Texas Auto Recovery who told them he had been approached by a man in a black motorcycle vest while the driver was repossessing a gray 2013 Cadillac CTS.

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The CALR Website Overhaul is Complete!



repossess1For Immediate release:

Everyone is welcome at CALR!

In 1961 The California Association of Licensed Repossessors (CALR) was incorporated.  CALR is composed of men and women who are dedicated to improving the Collateral Recovery Industry. Our purpose is to strengthen understanding between licensees, law enforcement, financial institutions, regulatory agencies and the consumer. We provide our members continuing education in the fields of public relations, business principles, professionalism, training and certification in the Collateral Recovery Industry.

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Meth Heads Indicted for Child Endangerment after Armed Encounter with Repo Man

jail_hndcuffsBrown County, TX – June 9, 2016 – A Brown County grand jury indicted three people who were arrested last December after a convicted felon pulled a gun on a Repo Man. While responding to the crime, deputies found an underground meth lab with a child in the vicinity.

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