$5M Class Action Lawsuit over Gas Filed Against Ally

White Lake Township, MI  – February 27, 2012 – Sure gas prices are on the rise, but a $5M class action lawsuit over half a tank of gas? Sounds nuts, but that’s what 43 year old Victoria Church-Dellinger’s attorney Brian Parker, filed against Ally Financial in a Federal court.

Ms. Church-Dellinger’s 2008 Pontiac G-6 was repossessed and she and her attorney are alleging that the gasoline should be treated as personal property and returned to the borrower just the same as any piece of personal property.

They are claiming that $5M is three times the fair market value of all gasoline taken from Michigan residents by Ally Financial over the last six years and that all of the gasoline be returned or paid for.

Brian Parker, her Bingham Farms attorney, said in an interview. “It`s the same as if you left your jacket in there and they didn`t return it to you.” “You can`t take someone`s coat or fuzzy dice, and you have to return the gas.”

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2 thoughts on “$5M Class Action Lawsuit over Gas Filed Against Ally

  1. When I bought a new car it came with a full tank of gas. Shouldn’t it go back that way to the finance company? Ally should counter sue for leaving the tank half full. Ridiculous law suites should be banned, these are our freedoms though. Can you imagine the outfall from this if they win. Starting at the auto manufacturing process, car builders will have to stop installing anti siphoning equipment in full filler lines. We will have to have empty gas cans to store highly flammable liquids, that requires more permitting from our city agencies and fire departments. Next they are gonna want the new set of tires they put on 6000 miles ago. WOW! Can’t wait to see where this goes.

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