Angry Over Repossession, Man Threatens Owner with Stun Gun

New Haven, CT – April 29, 2012 – According to police, a man upset that his car had been repossessed, confronted the owner of the auto sales company holding his car late Saturday morning and threatened him with a stun gun.

Just before noon, police responded to a call at Lucky 7’s Auto Sales after the owner of the company called police to report he was being threatened by a customer.

According to police, owner Brian Page, reported to police that Richard Brown came in to his business upset over the repossession of his car and would not listen to him and was screaming in Page’s face.

During the incident, Page reported that Brown knocked Page’s hat from his head and raised his fists at him in a threatening manner.

It was at this point that  Brown allegedly pulled out a small black stun gun and, aimed it at Page, saying that he was going to shoot him, police said. Brown reportedly switched the device off and on several times to demonstrate it.

Upon the arrival of police, Brown turned over the stun gun to officers and was arrested. Brown faces charges of carrying a dangerous weapon, second-degree threatening and breach of peace

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