ATR Offers Enrollment Promotion to VTS

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In another bold move by the country’s leading collateral recovery platform, All Technology Recovery, our sights are set on becoming the first fully vetted and compliant service provider. Since inception, we have and continue to effect strong change in how business is done in the forwarding space. The core belief of teamwork, fairness, and profit for all has made the difference. Our network is second to none, we cherish those relationships with each decision because we understand the dynamics involved in quick recovery of our clients assets. This started and continues with the highest saturation of of LPR cameras and the facilitation of orders by our staff, 24/7; no one else can duplicate.

As we grew, it became necessary to begin the forwarding piece, once again our unparalleled network shines bright with bar-setting success rates, expedient service, and virtually no claims; This has propelled ATR to new heights. The waves of change are upon us again, and once again, All Technology Recovery will step up to the plate by adding the most robust compliance provider available today to our mix and here’s how.

For the next 30 days, ATR will be offering a promotional code to our network that greatly reduces the cost of joining VTS. We recognize the fact of change, we know the pain well, and intend on once again leading this charge in action. To access this promo, act now by using the link provided. Engage and embrace what is the new future of our industry by taking advantage of and plugging into Vendor Transparency Solutions, we’ll help with the cost. Soon you will see the benefits thru profit and the confidence of knowing you are the nations finest. Our clients will appreciate the forward stance, and have already expressed great interest in this program.

Timing is everything, act now to access this amazing offer. We are pleased to cover part of the expense. All will be pleased with the results. ATR and VTS are winners, we are visionaries and trailblazers in our respective market space. Our agent network is the key, you all have made the difference. Our teamwork and dedication is the proper mix for today’s marketplace, we respect, revere, and thank you all. This is just one of the ways we can show that.

Plug into the VTS platform, you’ll be quite surprised at what the phenomenal abilities of its program from not only a compliance perspective, but also the marketing capabilities. Please take advantage of the promotion offered to bolster your companies standing nationwide. It is best in class, passes govt muster, and very soon you will see the benefits of its strength. Be a part of the front of this wave, you will see profit with protection in short order


All Technology Recovery
PO Box 1916
Spring Hill, TN 37174

(931) 489–0909

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7 thoughts on “ATR Offers Enrollment Promotion to VTS

  1. How do we think we know what the CFPB is going to require as they do not know what they are doing. Complaints seem to be everyone’s focus. I would bet that if your company has a lot of complaints then you would not still be doing that client’s work. The client does not need to know or any of these companies do not need know how much money or stuff I have. The insurance company is the one who needs to know that as if I screw up they will be there with the checkbook to clean up my mess. If you have enough insurance to get the client’s work, then there is enough money in someone’s checkbook, so no need for me to have to tell every tom dick and harry the same thing. Use your head and run your business right and the complaints will be minimal, and your wallet will thank you.

  2. Lets see,,

    VTS= $1200
    Risc= $795

    Association Fees $ ???
    Insurance $ ???
    Truck loan $ ???
    Office Rent $ ???
    Phones $ ???
    Fuel Costs $ ???
    Veh Maintenance $ ???

    With low repo fees and the “Contingent” virus infecting our productivity, time to start cutting expenses…VTS & RISC first to go. Next is that nasty virus..
    Associations – step up your game. For years you have already been telling clients your agent have what they need!
    Time to really prove it !!!

  3. I used to look up to Max and thought he was a real leader in this industry. I now just see him as another leach on your industries back. If Max has a product that I need then he should sell it to me, if he has a product that our clients need then he should sell it to them.

  4. Alex, very well said. I’ve looked in detail at VTS and it seems like a fine program but it will cost over $1200 per year to show my clients I’m in compliance. I too belong to actually 2 national associations who have thoroughly vetted me and my operation. All a client has to do if they want my compliance documents is ask and I can send them a packet with everything needed.

    If a lender wants to hire an outside agency to monitor their vendor’s compliance for them, then they should hire that agency, not demand that the vender pay. If a vender wants to spend $1200.00+ a year as a promotional expense to show their clients they are in compliance, then they can do that and the VTS platform would be an excellent way to get it done. I applaud ATR for trying to lead the way and help venders with the cost of VTS but, as Alex so well put it, we don’t get paid nearly enough to be expected to pay for our clients compliance monitoring too!


    The Vendor Compliance guidelines being brought forth by the CFPB are GREAT for Collection agencies, data providers, and any other entity that handles mass amounts of Non Public Private Information such as SS numbers. But in case anyone hasn’t noticed Major Lenders stopped providing that data some years ago simply because we are a commodity (string puppets) and not specialists. Since our clients view us as such the onus should rest with them.

    The greatest shortcoming with the vetting agencies is that we as an Industry have not yet come into the sights of the CFPB. 90% of the litigation in our Industry revolves around incidents that occur in the field (not in the office or yard). How is having a shredder next to every desk going to reduce that 90% number? I have never met a client who would not say: Increased Insurance–“THAT’S A GREAT IDEA”, Direct Primary Coverage–“THAT’S A GREAT IDEA”, 10 Days FREE Storage–“THAT’S A GREAT IDEA”, Contingent–“THAT’S A GREAT IDEA”, the list goes on. I’m sure every client approached by the vetting agencies have said “THAT’S A GREAT IDEA”, I sure a government regulator would also say “THAT’S A GREAT IDEA” , and then come up with an even greater amount of compliance to address the 90% issue, which is the real problem.


  6. While I can appreciate ATR’s willingness to help off set fees to belong to VTS and in becoming compliant, and can even see where VTS might help those companies that do not belong to an association or just starting out. I for one will not participate.

    I applaud Max in creating a new revenue stream by forming VTS and surely see the need for reasons already stated, to me this is just another hand in a long line wanting to put it in my pocket.

    We belong to an association that has already stepped up and got us compliant. That is one of many benefits in belonging to an association.

    If ATR gets to a point where those credentials are not good enough, or they force their vendors to join VTS, then I would have no problem casting them aside.

    I will not work for anyone who forces me to buy in to yet another widget.

    Again, nothing wrong with VTS or ATR, no offense intended. We are just getting sick and tired of the continual expense list to do business in this industry. It seems like everyone has forgotten who feeds who.

    If I told you that I had lost $25,000.00 and wanted you to look for it, and if you found it, and could collect it, then I would pay you $300.00 would you do it? Lets say you say yes; then I tell you to look for it, I needed you to become certified in looking…costs vary but in the hundreds…you still say yes? ok, then I tell you since your are certified in looking…you need to have your certification certified with another business that is in the business of collecting certifications so I only have to go to them to know you are certified…again..gonna cost in the hundreds…still interested in working for me? Oh, by the way, if you don’t find my $25,000.00…I’m not going to pay you for your efforts, you’re still gonna need all those compliance things for the privileged of working for me…oh and I am going to need you to hold my money if you collect it for the next 10 to 20 days for free…and if everything goes well…I am gong to pay you that whopping $300.00 in 60 to 90 days. Ya, right.

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