CA – Fists Fly and Arrest Made as Family Attempts to Stop Repo

Fresno, CA – April 18, 2012 – A unnamed Fresno Repo Man and his Supervisor met with the family of a borrower as they attempted to repossess their SUV from the driveway on Wednesday. What ensued led to punches thrown, an arrest and injuries to the two men.

At about 7:30 am on the 2400 block of South Lotus Avenue in Fresno, an unnamed Repo Man and his Supervisor had just hooked up an SUV for repossession when a confrontation broke out between family members of the borrower and the two men.

Family members attempted to stop the repossession by blocking the driveway while allegedly both Repo Men were assaulted. Both men were reportedly struck in the face while the Supervisor suffered lacerations and had a tooth knocked out.

The family member who reportedly threw the punches was arrested and taken into custody.

Arriving Police deescalated the situation and allowed the Repo Men to leave with the vehicle.


Original story by the Jim Guy, Fresno Bee

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