CA Repossessions Open Forum / Completing Forms


Coming Next Thursday, June 21, 2012


10:00 a.m. PDT, 11:00 MDT, 12:00 CDT, 1:00 EDT (Duration: Approximately 90-120 minutes)

Knowing California’s complicated repossession rules and having good forms forms won’t help if you are unsure how to correctly apply the rules or complete the forms.

NorthLegal Training and Publications has developed repossession pre-sale and post-sale notice forms for use in California that have never been successfully challenged and that—if completed properly—should comply with applicable laws. However, in order to satisfy the enhanced requirements of the 2007 Juarez decision, those notice forms (which are included in the California Repossessions Law and Procedures Guide aka “the Repo Guide“) are complex and it is not difficult to make errors when completing them. Those errors may go unnoticed for months or even years—until a class action lawsuit is served on behalf of everyone who ever received a “bad” notice.

In order to help users of the NorthLegal pre-sale and post-sale repossession forms better understand exactly how to complete them, on June 21, Eric North—the author of those form—will present a special webinar intended for those who have purchased the current version of the Repo Guide and its included forms. During this program, Eric will walk participants through the forms line by line, discussing how each section should be completed and pointing out where errors often occur.

A significant portion of this program will also be an open forum, giving participants an opportunity to ask Eric about any aspect of California’s repossession laws as they relate to motor vehicle repossessions—not just about the forms. Although Eric cannot, of course, provide specific legal advice in a webinar setting, as an attorney representing consumer lending institutions for more than twenty-five years, as the author of The Repo Guide, and as a frequent lecturer on the subject of repossessions, he is uniquely qualified to explain California’s complex laws and how to comply with them

For more information call NorthLegal Training and Publications at 623.537.7150.


Can’t make it on the scheduled day? Remember that your registration now allows you to also watch the archived version at as often as you like for 30 days at a time of your convenience!

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