Certified Agents Specialist Association Created to Unify Repossession Companies, Lenders and Repossession Vendors Nationwide

Press Release

We are pleased to announce the formation of CASA (Certified Agents Specialist Association). CASA has been created by industry leaders to provide educational and networking opportunities for Repossession Companies, Lenders and Repossession Vendors nationwide to enhance their business practices.

There has been a tremendous effort placed to break the mold of the archaic practices of “traditional” repossession trade association’s. The market has changed, never to be the same again. It is more important than ever to stay on the leading edge or get left behind.

CASA is reaching out to the lending community to join us in a mutually beneficial relationship to grow together and tackle the mounting compliance issues like the formation of the CFPB and other industry changing litigation.

CASA has taken a bold step forward by obtaining and industry leading $ 1 million dollar Crime and Employee Dishonesty Bond to protect the assets of the lenders while in possession of our recovery network.

Quote from company:

“Joining an association who welcomes all aspects of our industry is where I need to be. With a well written bond that protects my clients to the best of my ability at this point helps the PR go along ways. This new association seems to be on the verge of something great and new and I am excited to be a part of this change. “

CASA has the ultimate goal of unity in all areas of repossession.

Please call or email with any and all inquiries, together you will make us stronger.



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29 thoughts on “Certified Agents Specialist Association Created to Unify Repossession Companies, Lenders and Repossession Vendors Nationwide

  1. Why would anybody want to run for a board that thinks clients are stupid and enjoys spending member money to sue clients?? You need a whole new approach to this problem. Give RESPECT and get RESPECT. There is always going to nay Sayers and doubters, but the right thing always wins. This industry needs a voice for all operators and field agents. The clients need to know who is in the field and trust them. Including the clients is a great idea. As a client this is a chance to see the real member not what you a granted access to. If everyone is on the same page we all look good.


  3. The comments here by the current leaders have done harm to the associations except ARA. They have kept quiet and and working to help their members. CASA seems like they are for helping all their members, both agents and lenders. Suing clients and holding power and keeping the good old boys club alive is KILLING this industry. Why not try working with the clients instead of making them the fall guy for all that is wrong?? We need to do a good job for the clients to keep costs down and the clients need GREAT AGENTS to keep costs down. So with RESPECT and a work together plan, we both will win. Show the clients value and they will reward you. Demand more money and no value, take them to court and you get TODAY. Time to try a new approach and update the industry.

  4. ANOTHER GROUP TO FURTHER FRAGMENT THIS SO-CALLED INDUSTRY. If they had done their homework maybe they would realize the OLD-TIMERS have served their turn in stewardship of their respective association group. ITS NOW TIME FOR THE ONES WHO CLAIM TO HAVE THE ANSWER TO STEP UP AND CHANGE THE GROUP FROM WITHIN. Let us know who you are I’ll nominate you for a board post.

  5. Who is we? Who are the progressive industry leaders that started this new and improved organization? I don’t understand why that would not be disclosed. Can you post the bond on your site too please?

  6. You can see by many of the remarks who still believes and continues to incorporate old and antiquated business practices. Who are some of these people actually fighting? The forwarders? The clients? Their competition? As I have said numerous times, the “old timers” want it to go back to the way it was. Sorry guys/gals, that is never going to happen. The world is a dynamic environment and we as industry owners are not exempt from this fact. Our businesses have changed over the last 20 years in leaps and bounds. As some of the posts explain, changes include tow trucks, computers, camera systems. Get ready folks, CFPB is now in the ballgame. As of right now with the traditional trade associations, none of them truly know how this is going to impact our industry. However, CASA, with some of the members being considered industry leaders, has open dialogue with the lenders and we are asking the questions and getting direct answers. I have been provided training materials from the traditional trade associations in regards to the CFPB, and they are way off the mark. What they don’t get, the CFPB is a dynamic entity as well. They are constantly changing their own minds. CASA is speaking with the lenders and gaining their knowledge of what they (the lenders) have already been informed of what they need to have. So let’s not dance around a subject about a duck, we already have the traditional associations, and as far as I have seen, have been the lame duck for many years. If I go to a horse track to bet on a race, I can guarantee I am not going to put my wager on an old philly, but rather look to a younger horse that has the stamina, enthusiasm, and desire to prove itself on the track. As with CASA, it might be the young horse in this race of associations, but I can guarantee that the jockey’s for this horse have a lot of experience and know how to start, run, and better yet, finish the race. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results, ie traditional trade associations. If you want to join the ranks of innovative industry leaders breaking the mold of insanity this industry has laid upon us, come join CASA.

  7. To me what it comes down to is what value do I get for my dollar. If the new association does similar training, 1 year meeting / convention, bonding, and most importantly, exposure to lenders directly at the meeting. Then I am all for it. I personally look forward to a group of people that are willing to try something new, after all we want the opportunity to speak and associate with lenders directly and if possibly meet at the same table and discuss stratregy going forward. May I ask what was the previous comment about suing the lenders entail?

  8. Here we go forming alliances to turn groups against each other so a few can hold onto the power. If this new group fails on its own then GREAT, if it grows, while then the better idea won. In the end it is that the right move that was the better move. Suing clients is not the way to get members more work. If you are part of that group and did not partake in the court stuff you are still at a loss for work. This is what is wrong with our industry. We fight to control everyone and end driving us all apart. If you understand the lenders and listen to them and not sue them, maybe they will listen to you. You get in life what you give. Screwing over people to get to the top will only get you screwed in the end.

  9. Mis guided youth and the unrealistic, idealistic views.

    While I rarely agree with Ron, he is right. This group stands to set back our efforts from the last 6 years of costly litigation.

    If you think the lenders care you are soon to be disappointed.

    I have little fear of them reading this as I doubt many of them have the ability.

    Lastly Mr Derry, would you please give me a call as I am intetested in your earlier statements. I think we can help each other.

  10. why can we just agree on something for once for god sake the way things are now it not working. united we will win divided we will fall .And we have been falling for 10 years Those who do not like the new idea come up with a better solution.. Don’t attack your fellow recovery brother. The client has all the work an need that work to feed our family . If you think they are not reading these comment i have bridge to sell you for a dollar. My suggestion the so call leaders reach out to the new assoc an see what one can be agree on. an go froward from there…..

  11. I have to agree with Scott, give it a chance. If you do not agree then do not bother with it. I think what most people do not understand or do not want to accept is that business models change for a reason. Whether it be through innovation, faster technology, or other factors. Our clients and vendors are constantly changing their business models to keep their customers happy but yet the repossession industry remains the same. Finally we were FORCED to change because the forwarders had innovative thinking. Now all we do is scream about them but yet we still won’t change the “model” and will scream when someone forces us to change again. How many of you still take orders on a teletype? RDN, irepo and the internet changed all that to give the customers what they wanted. Still listening to the BeeGees on your 8 track? I don’t think so. When was the last time you fired up the sling truck to pick up a repo? Dynamic changed the industry. So maybe this is a better business model for associations. I am not sure but I will not automatically discount them and bad mouth it. I will do what I always do and research and see if it is right for my company and can benefit me. When I bought cameras I heard all of the negativity out there about them but I did my research and I found that they improved MY business. Maybe they don’t work for some but for me they were a useful tool. Be safe everyone.

  12. This concept makes sense. All of you posting your statements of fighting the lenders and calling them the enemy placed the very associations you (we) belong in disarray. The lending are our partners not the enemy. This industry is constantly evolving and this group wants to be in front of the curve not behind. Congrats to them for this bold move!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in on this.

    On this days of ghosts,ghouls and goblins and people running around behind masks what a truly fitting date for a press release for c.a.s.a.. Did they choose casa for house as in a ” house of cards” it may have been built around ? I do know if you google casa California you quickly get a result for CASAWEB.ORG that is in fact the California Association of Sanitation Agencies, will just leave that whole train of thought alone. Have to agree with Mr. Ron Brown as far as “if it walks like a duck ” better yet if it looks and smells like, well lets just say no need to taste it. In response to Mr. Dave Kennedy I have to agree also. For being this wonderful new kids on the block of professionals they sure dont disclose who they are do they ?? They also fail to disclose they started their group with MISUSED funds from a 22 year well established state association!! I would hope before any lender or professional repossessor would align themselves or endorse this they do some research.

  14. LOL is right,(thanks Ron)

    Being a former ALSCO franchisee, and an RSIG member of 20 plus years, i seem to think i may have a little bit of street credit.

    Maybe it is time for all AGENTS to form an association to weed out the clients???(this probably will not be published as it makes too much sense)

    Walk tall, and do not buckle to clients demands!(my brothers)

  15. We are extremely excited and believe that this will be a great opportunity for both the repo and finance industries to work together on the same page. We are looking forward in participating in this new joint venture.

  16. Nepotism or cronyism from with-in all the associations is ramped. All claim to be Anti-Forwarders or Anti-Forwarding then at association meetings and conventions gather up in smaller groups of piers, boost about the number of accounts their office forwards each month to members. Not all members of those associations receive those forwarded accounts only the inter-circle is the rest frozen out? Those in control have been in that position for many years. So who do you think will object the loudest? What value have they produced for their members or lenders?

  17. sound like a good concept or idea im sure it better than what we have now 40 years of trade association an all we see is Do More For Less . Why knock it give them a chance time will tell !

  18. Ah great another association.

    The lenders have ruined us, the forwarders destroyed us.

    I have been fighting them for years now you want to roll out the red carpet to ruin us more.

    the ones behind this do not understand

    Absurd plan

  19. we should give them a chance before you knock it for 50 years we had trade association what I have seen is more work for less pay Now someone is trying to come up with a different comcept or idea that might help the average recovery agent an we quick to knock it down because it different. I say give them a chance time will tell god knows the old ways are not working….

  20. I dont get it for 40 years we have had trade association and all i see the no benefit and fees continue to go down we are charging 1970 prices an but we are in 2012. Now someone is trying to come with a better idea which might work open commincation better relationship with you client ect ect
    and we are quick to knock it down before it get a chance . we must stop this keep open mind it work time will tell.

  21. Here we go! and for the low low rate $ we will educate and unify !

    I agree with Dave get behind the ASSociation you all ready belong to or the one that is working towards the industry you wish to see in the future ? My name is Chuck and I approve this message

  22. If your current association is giving you value stay with them.

    This model invtes the Lenders and vendors to the table and values their input, we have tried fighting against them for years and it has not worked.

    An association is much like church, you only get out of it what you put into it. It is a crued anology but it paints the picture. The more you get involved, the more networking by getting out in the community and self less acts you do the more you will get out of it. The benefit is not just monetary.

    I have noticed that the ones who seem to make the most noise are the ones who are the least involved. Please note this is not directed to anybody who commented, it is just in general.

    I am excited to see this develop, I am amazed at the amount of backing this movement already has.

  23. I hope that there will be an effort to know who this “association” is, where they came from and what is there long range intentions are. Remember there are several trade and educational associations already in force and with experience in this industry… Chose wisely brothers.

  24. There are so many opinions and they all come from deep seeded beliefs and passions.

    I will say that a trade association can be compared to many things but I am going to use the crudest of examples and hope that I don’t offend anyone, that is not my intent. I will use “Church”

    The more one gets involved, gets out in the community, makes contacts and networks, participates in selfless acts for the greater good – The more you will get out of an association, a church, civic organization and a multitude of other venues.

    I watch these things a lot and spend time with the associations, it seems like the ones who scream the loadest do the least. PLEASE note I am not singling out anyone who commented, it is just my observation.

    This model does open it’s arms to the lending community which is all of our bread and butter. We can complain about what they are doing and fight against them or we can invite them in and work together.

    I commend the efforts and I am eager to see how this plays out.

  25. LOL, LOL, LOL first of all , what is wrong with “traditional associations”… this industry is fragmented already…all we need is another association and if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and flys like a duck you may call it what you wish but the reality is…it is a duck.

  26. Dave you said a mouthful, right on the button. We should all back the organizations we belong to, great post.

  27. So another new and improved group. Another way to try to pick the pockets of the repossessors. Why don’t we get behind the unification of the associations we have and invest in them. Why, Greed. We all see the need for a unification of efforts and compliance monitoring yet instead of backing the people who have helped us for years we think we need to creat the “NEW and IMPROVED MODEL>” . Their so proud of it they don’t tell anyone who started it.

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