Concerns regarding the new Primeritus Contract and Survey

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We have received several concerns regarding the New Primeritus contract regarding many of the provisions contained within. I have put together a survey outlining some of the components of the contract that have created much concern. Many in the industry are feeling that enough is enough. That it should be the Repossession agencies that should be setting out the general terms and conditions outlining the scope of their services and not the repossession forwarding agency industry, which is hanging the carrot out in front of the rabbit in hopes the hungry rabbit eats whatever it can find to eat.

This survey is in no way being used to measure the core value of Primeritus and the services they perform to their clients nor is its purpose to devalue a future working relationship with Primeritus.

The purpose of this survey is to determine whether or not provisions contained within this new contract is conducive to the financial health of a Recovery Agency and if provisions within could provide greater legal liabilities, potential problems with insurability of operations, financial costs and burdens or constraints placed upon on a recovery agent or agency.

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Ed Wolmers

President JTDA Group Inc.

FLACARS – Miami Director

On behalf of FLACARS Board

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6 thoughts on “Concerns regarding the new Primeritus Contract and Survey

  1. Wait until clients find out that Primeritus has employees that barely speak English. Not one of their Reps can respond to information requests within less than 3 days. They cause delays in recovering client assignments because they can’t read an update. Its time clients realize its time to cut out the middle man and get real results.

  2. It so clear it time to united an stop them from taking food from our family mouth.. we must set a network of agency calling an informing each other when one these predators.. are acting up It time for all the agent to not repo for those company that want to take advantage of us….

  3. It’s time to stand together and just say no. Things only get better if we actively work to make them better.

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