Cop Arrested for Choking Repo Man Caught on Video

Los Lunas, NM 0 May 2, 2014 – An unnamed Repo Man found himself being choked out by an off duty cop last week after he made an attempt to repossess his car. Fortunate for him, local law enforcement arrived and the off duty cop soon found himself captured on tape assaulting the agent.

At approximately 3 p.m. police responded to a call that a Repo Man and another man were involved in an altercation after an attempted repossession.

The Repo Man claimed thathe had no idea Vernier was a police officer but, that he was surprised and scared at Vernier’s behavior.

When police arrived State Police Officer Charles Vernier was choking the Repo Man ( as shown on video). Police ordered him to stop, which he eventually complied with  after coming under threat of being tasered. As shown on the video, it appears as though Varnier attempted to run from officers.

In a police worn body cam video, a small crowd gathered around watching the 6’5″ Vernier as he held the Repo Man in a choke hold and refused to let the Repo Man go until an officer pullsed out his taser.

Vernier repeatedly tells police they need to handcuff the driver for assaulting him.

Police claim that Vernier refused to turn around and comply with the officers oreders.

“I’m not being handcuffed today,” shouts Vernier.

Vernier runs several steps before falling in the video.c_vernr_chok

It was only after he was arrested that police found out Vernier is a cop.

“No one is above or below the law,” LLPD Lt. Carl Padilla told reporters Friday.

Vernier later told officers he was restraining the Repo Man until police arrived. Vernier also claimed that he wasn’t 30 days late on his car payment, so he told the agent that he couldn’t take his SUV.

Charles Vernier: ‘I put him in a lateral vascular neck restraint, which is not a choke hold’
Vernier has been charged with aggravated battery and interference with a police officer. He bonded out of jail Friday afternoon.

NMSP report that Vernier has been with the department for about two years, and was on administrative leave at the time of the incident.

Sources tell the local news affiliate, News 13, that Vernier was already being investigated by New Mexico State Police to determine if he c_vernrwas mentally competent to be an officer.

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