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This article is in no way intended to create discourse or disharmony.  Rather, a desire merely to respectfully clarify to your many readers and to our more than 5,000 CARS graduates the term “CARS” as used in the recent announcement of the formation of the Council of Repossession Professionals (CORP).  The CORP article actually intended the term “CARS” to mean “Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems” but, in using the term “CARS” in the context of the CORP article it has been confusing to many graduates of the Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS) National Certification Program.  Since the CORP announcement I have had numerous telephone calls from CARS graduates asking about CORP’s involvement in resolving a contractual dispute with “CARS.”  The reference that CORP made with regards to discussing a contract with “CARS” was actually a reference to the “Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems” contract for repossession services which is not affiliated with “CARS.”

As most in the collateral recovery industry and many in the lending community are aware, the Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS) National Certification Program is a professional certification program for collateral recovery specialists who wish to avail themselves of the professional credentials that the CARS Program provides. cars_logo

Both “CARS” and “Certified Asset Recovery Specialist” are federally protected Trademarks filed on behalf of myself and Elizabeth (my wife) by attorney Edward M. Livingston, P.A., a Copyright and Trademark attorney.  The Trademark, “Certified Asset Recovery Specialist” was filed on January 20th, 2004, and the “CARS” Trademark was filed on April 13th, 2004.  These Trademarks are still part of the intellectual properties owned by myself, Elizabeth and Recovery Industry Services Company.  Although it is a time consuming and expensive process, Copyright and Trademark protections add greatly to the integrity and value of any product.  I’m sure most will agree that any entity that has expended the time, effort and money to protect their company and reputation would want to protect their brand and intellectual properties.

Again, with absolutely no disrespect intended to CORP, Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems or your readers we hope this clarifies CORP’s references to “CARS.”

Be safe,

Joe Taylor

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