CORP Issues Letter to RDN on Lender Solicitation



The following was a letter sent to Recovery Database Network (RDN) by the Council of Repossession Professionals (CORP):

it has been a concern of ours that information entered by the repossession agencies could be used for marketing purposes by your affiliate corporation, PAR North America. Our industry enters proprietary information into RDN every day; the names and contact information of creditors, our fee amounts, and other data. It would not be difficult to assess the size and scope of various creditors, and have PAR North America target our clients based on this information.

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1 thought on “CORP Issues Letter to RDN on Lender Solicitation

  1. This is why our company refuses to use RDN as our main software system. We are only limited users.

    We did try full user, however when we received the first bill with add on charges for file accepted a closed for “global’ clients ….. we then immediately cancelled our full user service and returned to limited users only.

    Great system…… but sketchy business practices …. do not trust the people running RDN…… never have. As a matter of fact I was speaking with the founder of RDN at a convention 12 years ago and explained that this was the exact reason why I would not willing buy or use his system. I only use it because I am forced to by my clients.

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