CUCollector Retraction of “A Letter to the Forwarders from Bill Alvarez”

As demanded by Gene A. Wheeler, ADESA Sr. Corporate Counsel, CUCollector would like to publish the following statement.

“CUCollector would like to issue a statement correcting our error to all of the subscribers to which the original “editorial”, “A Letter to the Forwarders from Bill Alvarez”, was sent. There are apparently many incorrect and erroneous statements and by their legal opinion, it is not an “editorial.”

Also as demanded by PAR, CUCollector has retracted this “editorial.

CUCollector understands that our failure to comply with this request will lead PAR to examine their legal options, including the filing of a lawsuit for injunctive and monetary relief.

CUCollector would like to also state, that as a long time client of ADESA in my capacity as a lender, I had never had any prior problems with ADESA, nor to my knowledge has ADESA had any with me, and I had always previously held them in high regard.” 


Kevin Armstrong

Editor, Owner

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